New nurse and unit manager classifications

How to make an ANMF inquiry or ask for advice

Your employer (director of nursing/ midwifery) will write to you over the next few days to communicate your new nurse/midwife manager level and pay rate under the new three-level classification.

The development of a new classification structure is a requirement of clause 81 of the 2016 Victorian public sector nurses and midwives enterprise agreement.

Determining the new classification framework and assigning your ward role’s classification is the conclusion of a 14-month process which involved the direct input of nurse and midwife unit managers from across Victoria.

The classification is assigned to the role, not your individual capabilities.

The new classifications and pay rates will apply from the first pay period on or after 1 April 2019.

If you disagree with your employer’s assessment, (it will be attached with your employers letter), you have 10 working days from the date of your employer’s notification letter to initiate a ‘review by your employer’. This can be done via a form that your employer can provide. There will only be extensions for exceptional circumstances so please don’t delay. In the event you seek a review by your employer, they are required to provide you with a written response within 10 working days.

How to seek ANMF advice

ANMF members who disagree with their employer’s assessment can seek union advice before initiating the ‘review by your employer’ process.

You will need to read to read the ANMF's 'Nurse and midwife unit manager new classification FAQs' before you are able to submit your ‘Classification determination ANMF inquiry’ online form.

Inquiries on this occasion can only occur through the online form.

ANMF understands the importance of a timely response and will make every endeavor to respond in writing to your inquiry for advice within two working days.


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