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Resources for Job Reps

While ANMF membership grows each year, there are still many nurses, midwives and carers who are yet to become members and enjoy the benefits.

Some reasons why nurses, midwives and carers may not have joined

  1. No-one has asked them
  2. They don’t know the many industrial and professional benefits, including PI insurance that ANMF membership offers.
  3. They or someone they know may have had a negative experience in the past. Whatever the reason, now is an opportune time to ensure all your nursing, midwifery, and carer colleagues are made aware of the need to join in building a strong and democratic union.

Who can become ANMF members?

All nurses and midwives, student nurses and midwives, assistants in nursing (however titled) and personal care workers are entitled to be ANMF members.

It does not matter how many hours they work per week, whether they are employed on a casual or permanent, full-time or part-time basis, their position in the career structure, the length of time they have been employed, whether they have previously been a member of the ANMF, or have been members of other professional or industrial organisations.

Recruitment materials 
When recruiting someone to the ANMF or when asking them to become a Job Rep or Health and Safety Rep, make sure you have these materials or can access them online:
Other resources available on ANMF (Vic Branch) websites are:
Tips for approaching potential members
  • This is a conversation, not a speech or hard sell, so consider how you will engage the other person in the conversation.
  • Find a time and place that will allow you to have the conversation – for example, don’t try to have a recruitment conversation at the end of a shift. Set up a time and place in advance that suits them.
  • Ask questions to find out more about their work, so it’s a two-way conversation and you can provide specific information relevant to their current needs, concerns or interests.
  • Be confident and friendly in your approach – for some, this will be their first contact with the ANMF, so please make a positive first impression.
  • You aren’t expected to know the answer to everything and it’s ok to say so BUT knowing who or where to refer someone to at the ANMF is critical. Please read Roles within the Branch.
Other resources