Keeping it Organised

Regional and Metro areas

Keeping it Organised Program - Dates & Locations

The aim of this 2-day program is to focus on developing skills and strategies in progressing and resolving collective issues.

As well as formulating a plan for building the profile, presence and activity of the ANMF in their respective workplace, the program provides opportunity to explore current collective issues, with an emphasis on;

- The role of Job Reps and members in addressing concerns
- Reviewing membership lists
- How to plan and prepare for recruitment conversations
- Networking opportunity with an optional happy-hour at the end of day one
- Developing an in-depth workplace organising plan to identify, allocate, and document ANMF activities at each workplace. This plan forms the basis of the ongoing work of Job Reps.

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ANMF VIC Branch have temporarily decided to deliver our face-to-face training programs in an online format (Zoom).

With the move to online delivery, we have restructured the Keeping it Organised program across 2 standalone days, scheduled approximately 6-8 weeks apart. Despite separating the two days, the program is still connected, therefore Job Reps MUST register for both a Day 1 AND Day 2 program.

Please follow the links below to register. Once registered for Day 1 & Day 2, a confirmation email will be sent to you with information regarding each program.


This is a two part program. You MUST register for a Day 1 AND Day 2 program for your registration to be complete

Day 1 Program: 

8 September 2020 | Register Here  Sold Out

10 September 2020Register Here - Sold Out

16 September 2020 | Register Here - Sold Out

6 October 2020 | Register Here Sold Out

8 October 2020 | Register Here - Sold Out

13 October 2020 | Register Here - Sold Out

Day 2 Program:

11 November 2020 | Register Here - Sold Out

17 November 2020 | Register Here - Sold Out

19 November 2020 | Register Here - Sold Out

3 December 2020 | Register Here - Sold Out

8 December 2020 | Register Here - Sold Out

10 December 2020 | Register Here - Limited Tickets Available


If you have any questions regarding Job Rep training, please contact the ANMF on (03) 9275 9333 or email