Become a Job Rep

The ANMF (Vic Branch), like most trade unions, relies heavily on a network of workplace-based reps to ensure our union can promote and defend the industrial, professional, occupational health and safety, social, political and democratic values and interests of our members across Victoria.

Job Reps are ANMF members elected by their peers who volunteer their time and efforts to contribute to an organised, fairer and safer workplace.

‘Organised’ in union speak means members know who their elected reps are and workplace union reps who know how to identify issues of concern and when to make contact with the ANMF for assistance.

Many workplace issues are experienced by a number of members and potential members. Job Reps can heighten member awareness of these issues and facilitate formation of a collective voice on issues, and assist members to move towards their preferred outcomes. This is achieved by working together with ANMF staff to achieve a respectful and productive workplace where entitlements and rights are understood, monitored for compliance, and properly implemented.

Being a Job Rep involves five key roles

  1. Representation of members at your workplace and promotion of ANMF’s policies and activities
  2. Recruitment of ANMF members and other Job Reps and Contacts
  3. Involve and support members at a local level
  4. Resource for the members at your workplace and ANMF office
  5. Referral of members to seek advice, information or assistance directly from ANMF and/or your workplace

It's important to be aware that you have control over your Job Rep duties.

  • You’re not expected to solve all members’ problems at your workplace. In many cases advising a member to contact ANMF Member Assistance is all the help that is required (ie helping members to help themselves).
  • Your ANMF Organiser and other workplace Job Reps can also support and assist you. You’re not expected to know everything contained in industrial awards and agreements. 
  • You’re not expected to be on call to members. You can stop being a Job Rep at any time you choose - either permanently or for a short period.

Learn more about the role of the ANMF rep.

To access a nomination form, download the brochure and submit via either:

ANMF (Vic Branch)
PO Box 12600
A’Beckett Street Melbourne Vic 8006

If you require further assistance, please call your ANMF Organiser on 9275 9333 or 1800 133 353 (regional Victoria).