Log of claims

Log of claims

What are ANMF members asking for

ANMF’s general log of claims, endorsed by Branch Council, is designed to address the systemic aged care workforce issues identified by the Royal Commission into Aged Care Safety recommendations.

Claims include:

Time to care

Minimum mandated staffing to deliver quality care by nurses and carers. This includes a registered nurse on duty on all shifts and a minimum 200 care minutes per resident per day (40 minutes with a registered nurse with direct clinical responsibility, 60 minutes delivered by enrolled nurses and 100 minutes by personal

Respect our work

Remuneration reflective of the responsibility and skill of nurses and carers. Better wages, allowances, penalties/loadings, and classification structures.

Security of work

For meaningful careers for nurses and carers. Secure work. Better redundancy provisions, less casual and more secure work, better consultation, better paid parental leave, improved annual and long service leave.

Skills to care

Professional development entitlements to support the provision of quality evidence-based care. Improved development leave to develop knowledge and skills.

Safety guaranteed

Of nurses, carers and residents guaranteed. Measures to reduce and prevent workplace violence and aggression, equivalent fulltime infection control lead position and implementation of fit testing and fit checking of N95 respirator masks. Read the full general ANMF (Vic Branch) private aged care log of claims [PDF].