5 ways to support your campaign

Five ways to support your campaign

Private aged care campaign

Member involvement is vital to improve your wages, working conditions, and working life.

  1. Attend your first EBA meeting to discuss the proposed claims. ANMF staff will explain the process and finalise your log of claims. Bring claim ideas or email us at records@anmfvic.asn.au
  2. Upload the care minutes from your roster (or better still upload the roster for the whole shift or facility) via the ANMF member portal. This will help ANMF understand how your staffing levels compare to the aged care royal commission recommendations. (see instructions below).
  3. Attend your EBA update meetings. ANMF will provide updates about your negotiations and what your employer is offering. Ask questions, provide feedback and make decisions on what happens next.
  4. Make sure your workplace has at least two Job Reps or workplace contacts who can display the latest newsflash on your noticeboard and remind members about the next meeting. Interested in being a Job Rep? Contact your ANMF Organiser via records@anmfvic.asn.au
  5. Use the EBA information kit ANMF is sending to members – take the poster into work, start a conversation with a colleague, put the bumper sticker on your car, pop the magnet on your tearoom fridge and invite non-member nurses and personal care workers to join their union