ANMF OVA audit pilot project

Nurses, midwives and carers should always go home safely at the end of a shift. 

ANMF (Vic Branch) is conducting a five-month occupational violence and aggression audit pilot project involving Job Reps and Health and Safety Reps at nominated workplaces.

The pilot project is taking place from August to December 2021.

The Job Reps and HSRs will audit their organisation’s progress in implementing the ANMF (Vic Branch) 10-point plan to end violence and aggression: a guide for health services.

10-point plan cover image

The pilot project is focused on ensuring health services take urgent action on preventing and managing occupational violence and aggression. The pilot program will take place at Monash Health, Peninsula Health, Forensicare, Ballarat Health Services, Western Health, Northern Health, Austin Health, Goulburn Valley Health, Eastern Health, Melbourne Health, St Vincent’s Hospital, Mildura Base Public Hospital and The Women’s.

Each month the Reps will audit two of the 10 occupational violence and aggression (OVA) reduction themes, using a smart phone-based auditing tool. They will provide a green, amber or red rating of their employers’ progress measured against our 10-point plan. The data collected will inform conversations at OVA committees and other forums, leading to measurable improvements in implementing the plan.

The outcomes of the pilot project will be evaluated in early 2022 against the aims of the 10-point plan, with a view to rolling out the auditing project statewide, including in private acute hospitals, private aged care facilities and smaller health services.


Four goals

Through member involvement we aim to achieve four things:

  1. to move from awareness to action on prevention of OVA
  2. measurable improvement in the 10-point plan’s implementation
  3. improve awareness and ownership by ANMF members of their 10-point plan
  4. collect real time data to better inform discussions with employers, and government.


The timeline

ANMF will be asking HSRs and Job Reps, at the nominated workplaces, to audit two of the 10 occupational violence and aggression (OVA) reduction themes, each month. We’ll email and text you a reminder.

Reps will audit two of the 10 OVA points, using the audit tool, OHS Help. Reps will provide a GREEN, AMBER or RED rating on their employers’ progress.

  • August: security and identify risk
  • September: include family and report, investigate, act
  • October: safe design and educate and train
  • November: integrate policies and procedures and provide support
  • December: same approach for all and empower staff
  • January: evaluate campaign evaluation, Branch and member report


ANMF (Vic Branch) '10-point plan to end violence and aggression: a guide for health services'

ANMF has refreshed its 10-point plan to end violence and aggression: a guide for health services which reps should use as an OVA audit reference guide.

The guide provides 114 practical ways to ensure healthcare workers go home safely at the end of their shift. It has been included in the public sector nurses and midwives and mental health nurses enterprise agreements since 2016.

Referencing this guide will provide participating HSRs and Job Reps with explanatory detail, helpful in assessing their employer’s progress.


Information and protections

Only ANMF will have access to the data you provide. Reps right to be involved in this pilot project and provide this information is protected in your enterprise agreement, the Fair Work Act 2009 and the Victorian OHS Act 2004.


The audit tool – OHShelp

To audit your employer’s progress, you’ll be using an audit tool, called OHShelp, developed by the ACTU.

OHShelp is a progressive web app accessible via a webpage and is optimised for mobile devices.

We recommend you use a mobile or tablet. The first time you access the link you will be prompted to ‘add OHS help to home screen’. This will add an ‘app icon’ similar to App Store and Google Play.

To access OHShelp you will need to log in via your ANMF membership number (keep reading to access the link)


How to use OHShelp

Using the traffic light system, contained in this tool, rate your employer’s progress moving from a high risk to low-risk OVA environment.

We’re asking Reps, by referencing the 10-Point Plan to End Violence and Aggression, to rate your organisation’s OVA risk rating, against each of the 10 points.

Use this tool to record your employer’s progress controlling the key risk factors under each point by designating a risk rating of HIGH (red), MEDIUM (amber) or LOW (green).

This audit will measure progress and identify areas of needed improvement.

Step 1. Login to

Step 2. Navigate to the 10 point plan audit tool. Click on ‘Get involved. Measure your employer’s progress’.

Step 3. Read the overview if you like, then proceed to scroll down and click on the ‘Get started’ button.

Step 4. Click on one of the 10 steps. To view the details of the step and begin the audit process e.g. click ‘Improve Security’.

Step 5. Start the audit of your workplace. Click the ‘details’ hyperlink next to each subheading to view an explanation. Alternatively, view your ’10-point plan to end violence and aggression’ book, available at

Step 6. Assess your workplace against each category. High risk (red). Reduced risk (amber). Low risk (green).

Step 7. When you’re finished auditing, click the blue ‘save’ button at the bottom of the page. You can login and change your rating anytime.

This short video also explains how to use the audit tool.


Let’s get started 


If you have any questions, please contact the OHS team via