ANMF supports aged care home members after OVA

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ANMF (Vic Branch) has been representing and supporting members working for Gippsland Southern Health Service – Koorooman House in Leongatha, after a number of occupational violence and aggression incidents.

The incidents were reported to ANMF via the occupational violence and aggression (OVA) reporting form and we commend ANMF members for reporting the incidents both internally and to ANMF.

The ANMF escalated the issues to Gippsland Southern Health Service management and has been working collaboratively with Koorooman House members and the health service to put in place measures to prevent and manage OVA.

A collaborative OVA working group, consisting of ANMF, Koorooman House Job Reps and HSR, and the health service’s management, has been set up to discuss and implement: 

  • providing walkie talkies to staff as an interim measure, while the purchase of personal duress alarms is investigated.
  • providing de-escalation training for staff members.
  • reviewing the Koorooman House processes for resident admission and behaviour management.
  • training of managers in critical incident response, responding to Code Greys and Code Blacks, and incident investigation procedures.
  • reviewing funding to determine whether another night duty staff member can be employed
  • developing an occupational violence and aggression assessment tool which will be used across the organisation.
  • providing training for staff in how to fill out a Riskman incident report, with particular emphasis on occupational violence and aggression reporting.
  • conducting a mock critical incident exercise, to include night duty supervisors and Koorooman assistant nurse unit managers.

ANMF (Vic Branch) also acknowledges the support and assistance that the Job Reps and HSR at Koorooman House have provided to their colleagues, and thanks them for their involvement in the working group.

‘Occupational violence and aggression is not part of the job for nurses or personal care workers,’ ANMF (Vic Branch) Secretary Lisa Fitzpatrick said.


‘We cannot emphasise this enough. If you experience violence or aggression at work, report it to management and report it to ANMF.


‘The situation at Koorooman House demonstrates that when members speak up about occupational violence and aggression, Job Reps, HSRs and the ANMF are able to support you with the impacts of incidents and work with your employer to prevent and manage occupational violence and aggression.’


Members are also reminded that they can contact Nursing & Midwifery Health Program Victoria for further support on 9415 7551 or