Cooperative Power

ANMF (Vic Branch) member benefit

Take the power back

Cooperative Power (also known as CoPower) is a new way for union members to buy clean, affordable and sustainable energy and build a better future.

ANMF (Vic Branch) is a member of Cooperative Power which is Australia’s only non-profit and cooperative energy retailer. ANMF membership means you are eligible to join.

Your electricity bills can also contribute to climate justice. Cooperative Power customer members are able to vote for spending on projects that “do good”.

Cooperative Power offers:

  • energy usage at wholesale rates
  • no exit fees or lock ins
  • not to increase rates for profit
  • a commitment to invest in community renewable energy
  • to support workers and communities to take the power back
  • to return profits to workers and communities
  • to give customers a say in how it spends electricity revenue.

Find out straight up whether you will save or not. Simply grab your latest electricity bill and call 9068 6036 for a no obligation quote.

Other discounts

ANMF membership also gives you access to a discount off Cooperative Power’s Earthworker Hot Water System.