Member benefits

ANMF (Vic Branch)

The greatest benefit of ANMF membership is enjoying the collective ‘strength in numbers’ of the membership when negotiating industrial entitlements and workplace terms and conditions.

When you become an ANMF member you will join more than 97,000 Victorian nurses, midwives, RUSONs and RUSOMs, student nurses and midwives, and personal care workers employed in a range of health services, including hospitals, aged care, community health, mental health, maternal and child health, medical clinics, prisons, Lifeblood and Bolton Clarke.

Our strong and unified membership has enabled us to make a real difference to nursing and midwifery in Victoria. Nurse/midwife to patient ratios, qualification allowances, ADOs, pay rises, professional development leave, study leave, parental leave, no-lifting policies, improved occupational health and safety standards and night duty allowances are just some of the conditions that we have achieved together. 

We welcome nursing and midwifery student members, including RUSONs (registered undergraduate students of nursing) and RUSOMs (registered undergraduate students of midwifery).


Major benefits

Your ANMF membership will provide you with access to industrial, professional and legal representation** and access to quality advice and assistance when you have a problem at work or have a question about your workplace entitlements and conditions. ANMF members have access to our Member Assistance Team who can answer your questions regarding pay rates, workplace entitlements and conditions and professional, workplace health and safety issues.

All financial ANMF (Vic Branch) members receive professional indemnity insurance*, including $10 million protection for a negligent act and coverage for legal expenses, access a range of legal services provided by Gordon Legal** and access non-profit private health insurance through the Nurses & Midwives Fund.

Members have access to quality continued professional development (CPD) through discounts on ANMF (Vic Branch) accredited course, seminars and workshop, and conferences. Full time and part time members receive $400 credit, primary carer leave members receive $120 credit, and student and associate members receive $80 credit***. Credit renews every July.

*Professional indemnity insurance is unavailable for nurses working as midwives in independent practice.

** Legal services are subject to conditions which are available on request from the Branch Office. 

*** available for financial members.


Additional benefits

Further member benefits include access to the ANMF library and academic resources, ANMF publications, discounted nursing equipment, merchandise and movie tickets and the opportunity to apply for ANMF education and research grants, awards and prizes. New ANMF members are also automatically subscribed to The New Daily (members are able to unsubscribe at any time). 


Don’t wait until it’s too late to join

The ANMF (Vic Branch) will only be able to assist you with professional and legal representation if you are a member at the time an incident occurs. Don’t wait until you have a problem at work to join!

$400 online CPD credit

Member benefits

Full financial ANMF (Vic Branch) members are entitled to $400 worth of credit (equivalent to 20 hours) per financial year for CPD Portal learning



Member benefits

ANMF (Vic Branch) members* can book significantly discounted holiday accommodation on the Bellarine Peninsula

Diary App

ANMF Diary App

Member benefits

The ANMF (Vic Branch) Diary App has been developed as an essential digital tool for all members

Legal services

Legal services

Member benefits

Financial members of ANMF (Vic Branch) receive member-only legal services through our lawyers, Gordon Legal.

ANMF library

Library, ProQuest and CINAHL databases

Member benefits

ANMF (Vic Branch) library

member assistance

Access to Member Assistance

Member benefits

ANMF (Vic Branch) members with a work-related issue or concern can contact ANMF Member Assistance.

Eligibility to join NMH insurance fund

Member benefits

Financial members of ANMF (Vic Branch) can access non-profit private health insurance through the Nurses & Midwives Health Fund.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Member benefits

All financial ANMF (Vic Branch) members receive professional indemnity insurance, including $10 million protection for a negligent act and coverage for legal expenses.

Union Shopper

Member benefits

Rewards program for union members

ANMF hoodie

Discount merchandise and movie tickets

Member benefits

ANMF (Vic Branch) webshop

Settle Easy

Settle Easy

Member benefits

Online conveyancer Settle Easy is offering ANMF members and their families a 30 per cent discount off their usual fee until 31 December 2020

Cooperative Power

Member benefits

A new way for union members to buy clean, affordable and sustainable energy and build a better future.