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Health, safety and wellbeing

Employers are required to involve HSRs in consultation by:

• providing all information to the HSR which will be provided to employees

• providing the information to the HSR a reasonable time before other employees if you can

• meeting with the HSR if they accept an invitation to meet or if a meeting is requested by the HSR

• giving the HSR the opportunity to express views

• taking the HSR’s views into account

This includes when:

• identifying hazards, assessing risks and deciding how to control risks

• assessing the adequacy of workplace welfare facilities (such as dining rooms, toilets or first aid).

• determining the membership of any health and safety committee

• deciding on health and safety policies and procedures

• proposing changes to the workplace that could affect the health and safety of employees, including changes to the equipment or substances used or how work is done

Consultation needs to involve:

• sharing information about anything that could affect workplace health and safety – information must be timely and in a form that can be understood by employees, including in other languages where appropriate

• giving employees a reasonable opportunity to express their views – employees should be encouraged to play a part in the problem-solving process

• taking those views into account – employees should help to shape decisions, not hear about them after they are made.

More information:


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a handbook: 'Consultation on health and safety '

Download the OHS Act 2004 from the Victorian government legislation repository website.