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The Palliative Care Nurses Special Interest group is a group of Victorian registered and enrolled nurses who meet bi-monthly in a variety of community and hospice settings. The members share a common interest in palliative care.


PCN aims and objectives

  • Palliative care is a holistic concept of care for people who are living with a life-threatening illness.
  • Palliative care seeks to respond to people's physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and social needs whether at home or in the in-patient setting.
  • The focus of palliative care nursing is client comfort and choice.
  • Palliative care nurses work in interdisciplinary teams and co-ordinate care in consultation with clients, their carers and other team members. 
  • The objectives of the group include the exchange of knowledge, expertise and support in the area of palliative care. By sharing our experiences, we emphasise the expert skills required to work in this specialised area.
  • The Palliative Care Nurses Special Interest Group facilitates the recognition of palliative care as a specialist area of care.


PCN membership

This special interest group welcomes nurses working in palliative care as well as nurses interested in the area.

Meetings involve information sharing with a guest speaker invited by the current members. Guest speakers include people who are leaders in palliative care and/or are undertaking research in the area of palliative care in Victoria.

Membership form

For PCN information and membership inquiries please contact ANMF (Vic Branch) Professional Officer Samantha Casey