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INSIG is a professional body of the Australian Nursing Midwifery Federation (ANMF Vic Branch) that was established in 2004 to support Nurses working in Immunisation Practice. 


Aims of the INSIG

To provide a forum which facilitates communication, discussion and encourages professional development for immunisation nurses in Victoria

Objectives of the INSIG

  • To promote recognition of immunisation nurses as a professional Nursing speciality and raise our public profile
  • To facilitate professional development within the SIG and immunisation industry by organising guest speakers, seminars and workshops
  • To provide an environment in which immunisation Nurses can network, exchange ideas and seek information
  • To investigate issues of concern and make recommendations
  • To promote special projects and research in the area of immunisation 

INSIG Executive

Alexandra Flintoff (President), Birgit Blaich (Vice President), Jennie Renkin (Secretary), Lynette Peterson (Treasurer), Wilma Martin (Public relations)

INSIG meetings

  • General meetings are held a minimum of three times a year
  • These meeting may include an educational presention followed by a business meeting and a light supper
  • The minutes of the meetings will be sent/emailed to all financial members
  • Details of meetings and seminars are advertised in The Handover

INSIG resources

INSG membership

  • Membership is open to all immunisation nurses and nurses with a interest in immunisation
  • The membership fee is $40 per year
  • Membership is from 1 July to 30 June
  • No part payment is available

Join online. For membership inquiries or for further information about INSG please email: