Continence Nurses Society Australia - Victoria and Tasmania

CoNSA Special Interest Group

Special Interest Groups meetings, Events and Conferences

A Special Interest Group supporting nurses who have an interest in continence promotion and improving the lives of people living with an elimination problem.


CoNSA aims and objectives

  • To provide a forum for sharing of information and ideas between members to facilitate mutually beneficial outcomes
  • To facilitate participation in conferences, seminars and decision-making forums relevant to the interests of members and to be involved in activities to enhance the role of members
  • To facilitate participation in special projects and research, complementary to raising awareness and issues and emerging trends relevant to members
  • To raise the public profile of the CoNSA Vic/Tas SIG and increase public and health industry awareness of the value of the role of continence nurses
  • To increase the understanding and knowledge of issues pertaining to incontinence, bladder and bowel dysfunction
  • To increase the profile and aid empowerment of those promoting continence throughout Victoria, Tasmania and Nationally 


CoNSA membership

  • Membership is open to all nurses with a interest in continence nursing
  • All members are encouraged to join the Executive Committee
  • The yearly membership fee is $50.00 payable by 30 June

Download the CoNSA Vic/Tas membership form (pdf, 510KB)

For CoNSA membership inquiries please contact Mark Staaf, Professional Officer at the ANMF (Vic Branch)


CoNSA meetings

  • General meetings are held a minimum of three times a year
  • These meeting may include an educational presentation preceded by a business meeting and a light supper
  • The minutes of the AGM will be emailed to all financial members
  • Each year the December meeting is an open invitation to attend the Christmas dinner function. Date and venue will be advised via the CoNSA Vic/Tas newsletter


CoNSA SIG members

Lisa Wragg (President), Joanne Dean (Secretary), Janie Thompson (Treasurer)


CoNSA Life Membership Board

Dr Susan Hunt, Rhonda Wheeldon, Kay Bews Bundle.


Grants, awards and prizes

Professional Development grant

The CoNSA Vic/Tas professional development grants provide financial assistance to the value of $1000 for members to undertake professional development activities that enhance the member’s scope of practice in continence care, such as conferences, study days, workshops etc.


Postgraduate scholarship

The CoNSA Vic/Tas postgraduate scholarship provides financial assistance to the value of $3000 for members to help cover some of the costs of postgraduate studies that directly enhance the applicant’s professional learning related to continence assessment, management and promotion. 


Research/project scholarship

The CoNSA Vic/Tas research/project scholarship provides financial assistance to the value of $3000 for members undertaking relevant research.


Other useful resources