ANMF (Vic Branch) Delegates Conference

Annual Delegates Conference 2019

20 & 21 June 2019

Please note: registration for this conference is now closed.

The ANMF (Vic Branch) invites all Job Representatives and Health & Safety Representatives to the 2019 Annual Delegates Conference.

This two day conference provides an inspiring and informative program exploring nurses', midwives' and carers' industrial, professional, workplace safety and social justice issues. Delegates have the opportunity to submit and vote on resolutions and help shape the direction of their union for the next 12 months. It also provides a contribution toward your CPD hours.

Both the conference and dinner will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in 2019.

The conference provides delegates a fantastic opportunity to meet their peers, find out more about how their union works and the issues that are common across the board, feel confident about approaching their union for assistance with workplace, OHS and professional issues.

Registration is open to all current ANMF Job Representatives and Health and Safety Representatives. Not sure you are officially a representative at your current workplace? Please contact the ANMF here.

Workplace Reimbursement Entitlements for this conference have been updated

Your entitlements have changed ahead of the 2019 Delegates Conference. All policies must be read prior to registering to attend the conference. 

The complete ANMF (Vic Branch) Workplace Representative Expenses Policy – Annual Delegates Conference can be found here.  

Policies apply to the following areas: 

Key changes include: increased eligibility for two nights' accommodation for delegates whose workplace is more than 50km from the conference venue, the provision of a casual hosted dinner for regional delegates on Wednesday night (to replace dinner-related reimbursements), and the removal of directly reimbursed travel claims.

Policies have been updated to allow for quicker claims for all delegates through your tax returns, following the conclusion of this financial year after the end of the conference. Please consult your financial advisor.

Conference motions

All Job Reps and Health & Safety Reps are eligible to submit, debate and vote on motions.

Please note: the date to submit conference motions for the 2019 Annual Delegates Conference has now passed. 


2019 Hannah Sellars Job Rep of the Year Award

This $1000 award will be presented at the Annual Delegates Conference. The nomination period is from 1 January to 31 May 2019.

Nominations for this award are now closed.

2019 HSR of the Year Award

This $1000 award will also be presented at the Annual Delegates Conference. The nomination period is from 1 January to 31 May 2019.

Nominations for this award are now closed.

Accommodation eligibility

Accommodation entitlements have now changed. Please review our accommodation policy here.

If your workplace is 50km or more from the conference venue you are eligible for two nights of twin‐share accommodation for Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 June 2019.

All accommodation is twin-share. Please specify who you would like to share with on your registration form. Please only nominate the colleague you would like to share a room with. Requests for room or hotel arrangements beyond twin-share preference will not be accommodated.

If you are eligible for accommodation, and would like a single room, a supplement fee will be payable at time of registration.

If you are not eligible under ANMF (Vic Branch) policy, you will need to organise your own accommodation. ANMF (Vic Branch) will not, in any circumstances, book accommodation for you.


ANMF (Vic Branch)'s Delegates Conference travel entitlements have now been updated and can be found here

The ANMF (Vic Branch) will no longer directly reimburse travel expenses to attend the Annual Delegates Conference, however please note all travel expenses to attend this event are tax deductable and should be claimed at tax time.

No exemptions will be granted for personal vehicle use or parking.

Meal entitlements

For delegates whose workplace's distance from the conference venue entitles them to accommodation across the conference, please note that evening meals will no longer be reimbursed. An informal dinner will be organised on the Wednesday night in addition to the official Delegates Conference dinner on Thursday night for all delegates to attend. Please indicate on your registration form if you wish to attend the dinner.

Paid leave entitlements for delegates to attend this conference

Complete policy can be reviewed here.

Public sector: The Nurses and Midwives (Victorian Public Health Sector) (Single Interest Employers) Enterprise Agreement provides for paid union training leave (five days per year, or no more than 10 days over two years).

Psychiatric services: Paid union training leave is provided in accordance with the Victorian Psychiatric Services Agreement.

MCH nurses: Paid union training leave is provided in accordance with your enterprise agreement.

Private sector, Bolton Clark and ARCBS: May apply for paid leave according to your workplace enterprise agreement (where applicable) or according to local arrangements for paid leave with your individual employer.

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