Keeping it Organised - Day 2 November 19 2020

Online Two-part Program

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About this program
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have temporarily restructured our face-to-face Keeping it Organised program, to now be delivered online across 2 standalone days - scheduled approximately 6-8 weeks apart. Despite separating the two days, the program is connected, therefore Job Reps must register for both a Day 1 and Day 2 program.

Unlike the face-to-face program, our online programs will not be Organiser specific, so that we may maximise participation across workplaces, through until the end of 2020. This means Job Reps are no longer limited to attending their ANMF Organisers' particular program.


What does the program cover?
 Membership & Mapping, Problem Solving, Communications, Recruitment, the Enterprise Bargaining Process & Workplace Planning.

Participants are provided with a variety of information, materials and resources to set in motion ANMF activity in their own workplace.


Length of program
Two days total, broken into two standalone sessions; Day 1 and Day 2.

Where practicable, we suggest at least 2 Job Reps attend from your workplace, to help ease communication of program outcomes with other Job Reps & members. We recommend that you discuss who will attend with other Job Reps from your workplace.


Who should attend?
All Victorian Job Reps from any geographical location (metro or regional) are welcome and encouraged to participate. We suggest participants aim to attend Keeping it Organised at least once every 2 years.


Registering for the Keeping it Organised program
Registrations are required to for you to participate. For your registration to be valid, please ensure you register to attend both a Day 1 and Day 2 Keeping it organised program



Paid Union Training Leave
 Depending on the entitlements in the applicable enterprise agreement, Job Reps may be eligible to receive paid union training leave from their employer to participate in these programs. If there is no entitlement and the employer will not provide paid training leave, Job Reps may be eligible to apply for an ANMF ‘loss of pay’ subsidy when taking leave without pay to attend.

Once registered, Job Reps will be provided with written confirmation, and a letter to be forwarded to their relevant NUM/MUM/Line Manager requesting leave to participate in union training.


If you have any questions regarding Job Rep training, please contact the ANMF on (03) 92759333 or email