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The ANMF Job Representative - What is the role?

ANMF Job Representatives play a vital role in the Branch by being the face of the ANMF at the workplace, as well as the primary source of communication between the ANMF and members in the workplace. Job Reps are elected by their colleagues and some activities they perform include:

- Distributing ANMF information to members in the workplace
- Recruiting new members
- Acting as a resource for members about ANMF benefits and services
- Attending local workplace meetings, including; consultative, Job Rep, and implementation committees
- Maintaining up to date ANMF information in the workplace
- Assisting members when they have an industrial or professional issue and may need advice, information, referral or representation.

ANMF recommends each ward or unit elect at least two Job Reps and consider at least one other for the night shift.

Job Representative Training Programs 

PLEASE NOTE: Should COVID-19 restrictions change, face-to-face programs may revert to online format. Should any such changes be required, we will keep Job Reps updated. 

Once elected, we want to ensure all Job reps are provided with the essential knowledge and tools to best support them & our members. The ANMF Victorian Branch currently provide two types of training programs - free of charge, available year-round in Melbourne CBD & numerous Regional areas across Victoria:

Job Rep Foundations – The essentials of the Job Rep role 

Our Foundations program consists of an Online module, accompanied by a single-day training program. The combination of Online and face-to-face(or zoom) components provide Job Reps with basic information about the ANMF Victorian Branch, the role and history of unions, and covers the fundamentals of the ANMF Job Representative role.

Participants are provided with a variety of information, materials and resources to set in motion ANMF activity in their own workplace. The Online module is available via the ANMF member portal. Direct link and instructions here.

We suggest Job Reps attend a Foundations program within 3 months of completing the Online module, or once every 3 years as a refresher. Find a program and register here.

Regional Areas: If no upcoming training is scheduled in your area, you are welcome to attend a Melbourne program (if available), which are conducted at the ANMF Victorian Branch. Alternatively, you can register for a scheduled online program.

Keeping it Organised – Skill building & raising union presence

The aim of this 2-day program is to focus on developing skills and strategies in progressing and resolving collective issues. Programs can be delivered face-to-face or online.

Metro Areas: This program is delivered across two standalone days (different to years previous). The two days for each program are predetermined, scheduled approximately 4-8 weeks apart.

Regional Areas: This program is delivered across two consecutive days, within each regional area. Regional Job Reps who are unable to attend a face to face program also have access to online programs.

We recommend a minimum of two Job Reps attend from any one workplace, and suggest you discuss who will attend with other Job Reps colleagues. This is to help communicate program outcomes when you return to your workplace.

The program covers the following topics:

  • Membership & Mapping the Workplace
  • Problem Solving
  • Communications
  • Recruitment
  • Enterprise Bargaining Process
  • Workplace Planning

Spaces are limited. Find a course and register here

Paid Union Training Leave

Paid union training leave is accessible for Public Sector Job Reps. For non-public sector Job Reps, please check your entitlement to paid union training leave.

Depending on the entitlements in the applicable enterprise agreement, Job Reps may be eligible to receive paid union training leave from their employer to attend these programs.

If there is no entitlement and the employer will not provide paid training leave, Job Reps may be eligible to apply for an ANMF ‘loss of pay’ subsidy when taking leave without pay to attend.

Once registered, Job Reps will be provided with written confirmation, and a letter to be forwarded to their relevant NUM/MUM/Line Manager requesting leave to attend union training.

Costs: Travel, accommodation and catering

All Job Rep training is provided to you at no cost, in a friendly welcoming environment. Catering is provided complimentary to participants attending in-person programs. Where eligible, and upon provision of the relevant receipts, ANMF may reimburse costs as follows:

Melbourne training programs:
If your workplace is more than 70 kilometres from the Melbourne GPO, ANMF will reimburse the cost of a standard rail fare (metro or V-Line) or a petrol subsidy including road tolls and parking fees.

Regional training programs:
If your workplace is more than 20 kilometres from the regional venue, ANMF will reimburse the cost of standard public transport fares or a petrol subsidy.

If your workplace is more than 70 kilometres from the program venue, upon your request the ANMF will organise and pay for accommodation the night before the training commences.

The above mentioned reimbursements do not apply to our online programs.


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