Ice training collaboration group recovery resources

Short filmed vignettes

Recovery unit valuable resources for your training sessions so you can explore and support consumers to find, embrace and experience recovery. 

Authors and the reference group members: Cally Matthews (Turning Point), Bella Anderson (Self Help Addiction Resource Centre), Naomi Crafti (Turning Point), Lynne Ruggiero, Clare Davies (Windana), Garth Parkhill (Victorian AIDS Council), Rose McCrohan (Uniting) and Shelley Cross (Stepping Up).

Thanks to the participants in these videos who so generously offered their insights and personal experiences in order to get a message of hope out to the community.

Transcripts for the filmed vignettes will be available shortly.

Recovery project: Clinicians on recovery

Recovery project: Victoria's story

Recovery project: Garth's story

Recovery project: Mark's story

Recovery project: Bella's story

Recovery project: Joe's story

Recovery project: Geoff's story

Recovery project: Evan's story