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November 2021

16 Nov 2021


This workshop delivers a comprehensive one-day program relating to venepuncture.

19 Nov 2021

IV cannulation for registered nurses and midwives

This seminar will focus on the process and procedure for inserting peripheral IV in the adult patient. It includes an overview of relevant anatomy,...

22 Nov 2021
and 29 Nov 2021

Strengthening leadership and management skills two-day workshop

This two-day workshop aims to strengthen your management and leadership skills.

23 Nov 2021

Principles of documentation and communication

Please note that is course will be delivered via Zoom. This one-day workshop focusses on the principles of best-practice documentation that...

24 Nov 2021
and 1 Dec 2021

Medicines – safe administration

This two-day workshop outlines practitioner responsibilities and documentation requirements for safe medication administration that reflects the...

26 Nov 2021

Acute pain management

This course will explore the anatomy and physiology of pain, its assessment and management. You will be taken through undertaking a pain assessment...

29 Nov 2021

Pain and the older person: partnership precedes prescription

These sessions are designed for registered and enrolled nurses working with older people in any setting: hospital, nursing home or community

30 Nov 2021
and 1 Dec 2021

Law and ethics for midwives registered and enrolled nurses

Law and ethics directly impact nursing and midwifery practice in a myriad of ways. This seminar is designed to refresh nurses’ and midwives’...

30 Nov 2021

Advanced 12-lead ECG

Note: This course will be delivered remotely using Zoom. This course builds on knowledge gained from the Cardiac Rhythm and 12-lead ECG...

December 2021