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May 2023

2 May 2023
Blend of weekly scheduled face-to-face and online class dates (between 9am and 5pm)

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

The TAE (TAE40116) is the core qualification for employment in the vocational education sector and increasingly in health education.

3 May 2023

Clinical support for enrolled nurses

This workshop will provide a theoretical and practical approach to understanding the complex process of clinical decision making under the...

4 May 2023

Strengthen your leadership

This course will help you build your confidence and leadership presence as you explore the core competencies and attributes of leadership and...

4 May 2023
Delivered via Zoom

You did what?!

‘You did what?!’ focuses on ‘microbehaviours’ – those small actions that look merely annoying and irritating but can potentially escalate to...

5 May 2023

When and how to insert an IV

This seminar will focus on the process and procedure for inserting a peripheral IV in the adult patient.

9 May 2023 to
16 May 2023

Are you safe? Medication administration

This workshop outlines practitioner responsibilities and documentation requirements for safe medication administration that reflects the Medication...

9 May 2023
Delivery via Zoom

Working with patients who are opioid dependent

This webinar will cover the pharmacology of opioids, the impacts of opioid agonist treatment and how this may alter acute pain management approaches.

12 May 2023

Advanced 12 Lead ECG

This course builds on knowledge gained from the ECG – Cardiac Rhythm & the 12 Lead ECG interpretation course.

12 May 2023

Management of GI and Urological Stomas

Designed to give nurses the knowledge and skills required to deliver ostomy care in a range of healthcare settings.

19 May 2023

Breaking the ice on the central venous device

Develop and/or extend your knowledge and skills to care safely for patients with central venous access devices (CVADs). Devices covered will mostly...