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June 2021

21 Jun 2021

[FULL] Provide first aid

This course will give the individual, skills and knowledge required to perform assessment and provide response to a casualty in a first aid situation.

22 Jun 2021

Principles of documentation and communication

Please note that is course will be delivered via Zoom. This one-day workshop focusses on the principles of best-practice documentation that...

23 Jun 2021

Nursing for the environment - INTENSIVE

Nursing for the environment – INTENSIVE is a practical and informational course designed to strengthen your advocacy and leadership around climate...

23 Jun 2021

[NEW] Clinical decision making for enrolled nurses

Note: This course will be delivered remotely using Zoom. The clinical decisions enrollednurses make have important consequences for patient outcomes.

23 Jun 2021

ACFI for registered and enrolled nurses

Any nurse working in aged care will encounter the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI).

29 Jun 2021

[New] Promoting mental health in maternal and child health and midwifery practice: addressing individual needs and applying mental health principles

Stress and anxiety can affect one in five pregnant Australian women. A range of mental health issues can have significant impact for women, not...

30 Jun 2021

[New] Promoting mental health, addressing individual needs: a course for nurses and personal care workers in aged care

According to the National Ageing Research Institute more than 50 percent of our aged care residents have depression or anxiety, or both of these...

July 2021