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October 2022

November 2022

4 Nov 2022

Don’t panic, it’s only a tracheostomy

This workshop is aimed to develop and/or extend your knowledge and skills to care safely for adult patients requiring a tracheostomy or laryngectomy.

4 Nov 2022

Management of GI & urological stomas

This course is designed to give nurses and midwives the knowledge and skills required to deliver ostomy care in a range of healthcare settings.

8 Nov 2022

Mental health clinical supervision: guiding the supervisee – your hopes, fears and expectations

This introductory workshop is designed to guide you, the clinical supervisee, through the theoretical and practical fundamentals of clinical...

9 Nov 2022
and 23 Nov 2022

Promoting mental health in nursing practice

Mental illness affects 45 per cent of all Victorians in their lifetime and there has been a significant rise in the number of registered mental...

10 Nov 2022

Swallowing - What's that cough?

Swallowing is an everyday activity, crucial to life. We swallow over 500 times a day: about three times an hour when sleeping, every minute we’re...

11 Nov 2022

Non-invasive ventilation – it’s more than just lung reinflation

This workshop, which is aimed at educating ward nurses, covers the theory of NIV as well as the nursing care for adult patients on NIV.

11 Nov 2022

Promoting mental health in maternal and child health and midwifery practice

Stress and anxiety can affect one in five pregnant Australians. A range of mental health issues can have significant impact for women, not only...