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August 2024

September 2024

3 Sep 2024

Swallowing - What’s that cough?

This practical seminar will provide you with a solid grounding in the normal and impaired swallow phases. You will learn about the risk factors for...

4 Sep 2024 to
5 Sep 2024

Adult Advanced Life Support program

ACCCN offers a two-day Adult Advanced Life Support program to healthcare professionals in the provision of Adult Basic and Advanced Life Support in...

5 Sep 2024

Adult Advanced Life Support recertification program

ACCCN recommends annual recertification in Advanced Life Support and offers a one-day theoretical and practical Adult Advanced Life Support...

6 Sep 2024

IV cannulation

This seminar will focus on the process and procedure for inserting a peripheral IV in the adult patient.

6 Sep 2024

Recognising and responding to clinical deterioration

This course has been designed to enhance the professional development of nurses working in acute clinical settings who may be faced with patients...

6 Sep 2024

Safe medication administration

The six-hour interactive workshop will provide you with the opportunity to practice the skills of safe medication administration under simulation...

12 Sep 2024
13, 19 & 20 September

Acute Care Refresher Program

This refresher program will provide you with the opportunity to revise your acute care skills and knowledge for application in a hospital setting,...

17 Sep 2024

Mental state examination (MSE) refresher

Revise your risk assessment terminology and learn how to conduct and document a risk assessment using a holistic approach.

20 Sep 2024


This workshop delivers a wide range of practical training aids for blood collection and allows participants to undertake practice of the relevant...