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Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Do you want to work in health education?

Education in health is a growing industry and experienced nurses, midwives and personal care workers wanting to work in education, whether in their workplace, vocational education sector or a clinical setting, often require a formal qualification. The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40116) is the core qualification for employment in the vocational education sector and increasingly in health education.

The ANMF (Vic Branch) Education Centre (RTO ID 22609) offers health professionals a bespoke, health-focused training and assessment qualification.

This purpose-built course has been contextualised to reflect your working environment, preparing graduates for current industry demands. Experienced, well-qualified teaching and support staff, materials, modern facilities with clinical simulation, well-equipped classrooms, computer laboratories and an extensive library ensure a quality course designed specifically for educators in health.

Next course intake: 

  • Thursday 17 February  2022 – Blended delivery – Trainer Anna
  • Wednesday 23 March 2022 – Blended delivery – Trainer Sophie





Course duration: 30 study weeks

Delivery mode:

  • November 18 2021 - This course will be delivered via online classes.
  • November 19 2021 - This course will be delivered via online classes.
  • February 17 2022 - This course will be delivered via online and face-to-face classes.
  • March 23 2022 - This course will be delivered via online and face-to-face classes.

Location: 535 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne (classroom and clinical simulation centre). 

Entry requirements: individuals must be able to demonstrate vocational competency in their proposed teaching and assessing area. This includes holding a relevant qualification and/or demonstrating broad industry knowledge and experience. As classes will be held virtually, students will also require a computer with a strong internet connection and headphones, headset or speakers to hear the presentation. A device with a camera and microphone to interact with the facilitator is highly desirable.

Selection criteria: Applicants are required to complete a pre-training review (PTR) prior to enrolment of training, which involves:

  1. Completion of PTR questionnaire to identify individual learning needs, applicants must demonstrate the aptitude and adequate and digital literacy to meet course requirements
  2. Completion of LLND assessment and participation in an interview to identify levels of core foundation skills, applicants must demonstrate that they have sufficient language, literacy numeracy and digital (LLND) skills.

Assessment methods: Written tasks, portfolio of evidence and practical assessments

There are 10 units of competency in this qualification (9 core units and 1 elective).

Core Units
1. TAEASS401 Plan assessment activities and processes
2. TAEASS402 Assess competence
3. TAEASS403 Participate in assessment validation
4. TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools
5. TAEDEL401 Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning
6. TAEDEL402 Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace
7. TAEDES401 Design and develop learning programs
8. TAEDES402 Use training packages and accredited courses to meet client needs
9. TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills


Elective units *
10. TAEDEL404 Mentor in the workplace; or
BSBCMM401 Make a presentation*; or
BSBLED401 Develop teams and individuals*

* Please note the option of these elective units are only available to experienced trainers and assessors with relevant and current work experience and/or prior learning

Cost: $3,500 for members and $3,800 non-members (includes tuition fees, assessments and learning resources). Please note - payment plans are available.

Government funded place*: $1,225 for members and $1,525 non-members

* Conditions apply: you will ONLY be eligible for Victorian government subsidy if you do not hold AQF level 4 Certificate (e.g. your highest held qualification is Certificate III or you are hospital trained nurse/ aged care professionals). Further eligibility criteria apply, please see section Skills First – government funding.

Note: a minimum deposit of $1000 is required upon enrolment into the course.


Fee Schedule

Minimum deposit: $1,000 (member, non-member and government-funded place)
Due: one week before course commencement

Learning block A installment: $750 (ANMF member) and $900 (non-member)
Payment due: Week 5

Learning block B installment: $700 (ANMF member) and $760 (non-member)
Payment due: Week 13

Learning block C installment: $1050 (ANMF member), $1,140 (non-member), $225 (government-funded* member), $525 (government-funded* non-member)  
Payment due: Week 18

*You may be eligible for the Victorian Skills First government subsidy of fees.  Eligibility criteria applies - please check Skills first government funding 

RPL is an assessment-only pathway and is suitable for you if you have existing skills and knowledge.

If you decide to proceed with a RPL application you will be required to gather evidence which proves your competence. 

The evidence must be current, valid and confirm that you have shown competence over a period of time and can work under different conditions.

Note: RPL assessment process is as rigorous as any other assessment. However, the type of evidence that you need to provide may be different from normal class assessments.  Importantly though, the RPL process is flexible and streamlined. You and your assessor will discuss and determine the evidence you can provide.


Please refer to the RPL information pack (pdf, 530KB) for more detailed information.  

To identify whether you have existing skills and knowledge, against the requirements of the training package you must look over the performance standards described within the units.

Please follow the instructions below:

  • Go to and use the quick search function.
  • You can find units using their code or title. For example, to search for unit 'Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning' use the unit code 'TAEDEL401'.

To make an application click here (RPL application form)


RPL Costs

RPL application - $150 (non-refundable)

RPL competency conversation/ knowledge assessment - $100 (per unit)

RPL practical assessment (per unit/ cluster) – up to $150*

*subject to units, material and equipment and depends on workplace availability
Wednesday 23 March 2022 intake workshop dates
30 March 2022
6 April 2022
13 April 2022
27 April 2022
4 May 2022
11 May 2022
25 May 2022
1 June 2022
8 June 2022
15 June 2022
29 June 2022
6 July 2022
13 July 2022
20 July 2022
3 August 2022
10 August 2022
17 August 2022
31 August 2022
7 September 2022
14 September 2022
5 October 2022

Please note, these workshops are subject to sufficient number of enrolments and date changes.

Thursday 17 February 2022 intake workshop dates
24 February 2022
3 March 2022
10 March 2022
17 March 2022
31 March 2022
7 April 2022
21 April 2022
28 April 2022
5 May 2022
12 May 2022
25 May 2022
2 June 2022
9 June 2022
16 June 2022
30 June 2022
7 July 2022
14 July 2022
28 July 2022
4 August 2022
11 August 2022
8 September 2022

Please note, these workshops are subject to sufficient number of enrolments and date changes.

Friday 19 November 2021 intake workshop dates
19 November 2021
26 November 2021
3 December 2021
10 December 2021
17 December 2021
14 January 2022
21 January 2022
4 February 2022
11 February 2022
18 February 2022
25 February 2022
11 March 2022
18 March 2022
25 March 2022
1 April 2022
8 April 2022
22 April 2022
6 May 2022
13 May 2022
20 May 2022
27 May 2022
24 June 2022

Please note, these workshops are subject to sufficient number of enrolments and date changes.

Thursday 18 November 2021 intake workshop dates
18 November 2021
25 November 2021
2 December 2021
9 December 2021
16 December 2021
13 January 2022
20 January 2022
3 February 2022
10 February 2022
17 February 2022
24 February 2022
10 March 2022
24 March 2022
31 March 2022
14 April 2022
21 April 2022
5 May 2022
12 May 2022
19 May 2022
26 May 2022
23 June 2022

Please note, these workshops are subject to sufficient number of enrolments and date changes.

Once you have submitted your application for enrolment along with the associated documents, you will receive instructions to complete a pre-training review questionnaire and LLN assessment. Before we make you an offer to enrol in your course, we are required to conduct a review of your current competencies, including your language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) skills. The purpose of this review is so we can ensure you are enrolled in the most appropriate course to achieve your intended outcomes. Results from the review will also assist us to assess your suitability to undertake the course. Please ensure you provide open and honest answers during your review, as this will ensure we identify necessary support you may need to successfully complete your study.

If your application leads to enrolment, you will receive a letter of acceptance to your nominated email address. You will receive important course details including your tuition fee schedule.

The Skills First program makes vocational training more accessible to people who do not hold a post-school qualification, or who want to gain a higher level qualification than they already hold. Generally, applicants are eligible for a government-subsidised training place if they are an Australian citizen, permanent resident (holder of a permanent visa) or a New Zealand citizen.

Eligibility criteria for applicants 20 years and older require them to enroll into a course at a higher level than their existing highest qualification.

Applicants are eligible to commence a maximum of two subsidised courses in any calendar year, study a maximum of two subsidised courses at any one time and commence a maximum of two subsidised courses at the same qualification AQF level in their lifetime.

Check if you can get government-subsidised training at Skills Victoria

Concessions: If you meet the eligibility criteria and hold an eligible concession card (e.g. Health Care card) you will pay 20 per cent of what non-concession students are charged for study. Under the Indigenous Completions Initiative, Indigenous students pay 20 per cent of what non-concession students are charged for study too.

If you do not meet the eligibility criteria for government funding, you will be enrolled as a full-fee paying student.

*This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding. Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to access government subsidised training (reasonable adjustments or adaptive strategies are made available to suit the needs of individuals).

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples can apply for sponsorship to complete a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, delivered by the ANMF (Vic Branch) Education Centre.

HESTA will provide funding to cover fees for two students for courses commencing in 2021. This initiative is part of HESTA’s long-standing association with the ANMF (Vic Branch).

The sponsorships recognise the need to improve opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, to reach their full potential working in the health and community sector.

Who can apply

HESTA education sponsorships are for healthcare/personal care workers who are:

  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  • Wanting to complete either a BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety or TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and offered through the ANMF (Vic Branch) Education Centre (RTO # 22609)
  • Meet entry requirements for the relevant course.

Sponsorship selection process

Selection will be based on the information provided in the application as determined by a selection panel. In addition to the course application information, applicants are required to complete a statement (of approximately 250 words – see below) to demonstrate commitment to applying the skills gained to benefit the health and community sector and/or for the applicant’s community.

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment enrolment statement

Provide a short statement (about 250 words) demonstrating your commitment to training in the vocational education field.  Please include any current roles, e.g. training and support within an Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander community, or anything else that you feel may strengthen your application.

If you would like further information, or wish to speak with one of the staff in the ANMF (Vic Branch) Education Centre please contact us.

The ANMF (Vic Branch) Education Centre is located at 535 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne VIC 3000