AOD webinar for nurses and midwives - series two

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Webinar series 2: [CC 25944]
Delivery via Zoom
1, 8, 15 & 22 May
(all sessions: 9.30am – 12.30pm)
Presenter: Sharon Patterson, Turning Point


Have you ever found yourself unsure or ill equipped to respond to patients who have alcohol or other drug use problems? 

These webinars will be delivered in four modules and have been developed for nurses and midwives who want to learn more about how to work effectively with patients who have problems with alcohol and other drug use (AOD). It is relevant for nurses and midwives working across all areas of the health sector. This practical and theoretical program will provide the latest evidence-based information on drug use and addiction. 

The content will include an understanding of how drugs affect the neurobiological and physiological systems of the body. This will allow a greater exploration of the pharmacology of psychoactive drugs and the associated management of intoxication and withdrawal. Participants will be introduced to the model of change and its application in responding to patients who use drugs. We will also consider potential bio-psycho-social harms to the patient and a range of strategies used in treatment including brief intervention strategies for engaging patients and giving timely advice.

The second half of the workshop will explore principles and strategies of motivational interviewing and practice the core skill of reflective listening. This is an opportunity for nurses to reflect on their work with patients and enhance patient engagement in their health and wellbeing through acceptance, collaboration, compassion and evocation.

The final topics will provide information for nurses on how to identify and effectively refer patients to appropriate treatment services. Participants will gain an understanding of the Victorian AOD treatment sector, with particular emphasis on local services. This will also include support services for family members who have a loved one who uses drugs.

Most patients who become dependent on drugs can resolve their drug use problems and go on to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Not only does treatment work in a very large proportion of cases, many people also resolve their drug-use problems without formal treatment programs. Recovery for most people requires considerable support from peers, friends, family and extended networks as well as treatment services.

This seminar is suitable for all nurses and midwives.