ANMF alcohol and other drugs workshops for nurses and midwives

Alcohol and other drugs workshops

Andrews Government funded training

Have you ever found yourself unsure or ill equipped to respond to patients who have alcohol or other drug use problems?

This two day workshop has been developed for nurses and midwives who want to learn more about how to work effectively with patients who have problems with alcohol and other drug use. It is relevant for nurses and midwives working across all areas of the health sector. This practical and theoretical program will provide the latest evidence-based information on drug use and addiction.

The content will include an understanding of how drugs affect the neurobiological and physiological systems of the body. This will allow a greater exploration of the pharmacology of psychoactive drugs and the associated management of intoxication and withdrawal. Participants will be introduced to The Model of Change and its application. We will also consider potential biopsychosocial harms to the patient and a range of strategies used in treatment.

The second half of the workshop will have a major focus on brief interventions including strategies for raising the issue of drug use, engaging patients and implementing screening tools. We will explore the principles and strategies for motivational interviewing and practice reflective listening. Finally we will focus on identifying and effectively referring patients to appropriate treatment services. Participants will gain an understanding of the Victorian AOD treatment sector with particular emphasis on local services.

This workshop is designed to assist you to be more confident and competent in your work with patients you are already seeing who use alcohol and other drugs.

This is an important topic for nurses and midwives and provides an opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge and hear from industry experts and to ask any questions you may have.

On completion of this workshop nurses and midwives will be able to:

  • Describe the pharmacological effects of psychoactive drugs
  • Describe the basic anatomical and physiological effects of drug dependence on major organ systems
  • Discuss the development of addiction
  • Display an understanding of withdrawal symptoms associated with individual drugs and appropriate interventions
  • Develop an understanding of harms associated with drug use and dependence
  • Discuss harm reduction strategies to reduce risks associated with drug use and addiction
  • Develop an understanding of Alcohol and other Drug screening instruments
  • Identify the components of a comprehensive alcohol and drug assessment
  • Discuss the causes of difficult patient behaviour in relation to drug use
  • Manage difficult and challenging patient behaviour through the implementation of effective communication strategies
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the various substitute pharmacotherapies.
  • These alcohol and other drugs workshops for nurses and midwives are fully funded by the Andrews Government.

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    Workshop details

    Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 September 2018

    Location: Barwon Health, The Auditorium in Kitchener House, 299 Ryrie Street, Geelong

    Time: 9am to 3.30pm

    Costs: This seminar is fully funded by the Andrews Government as an outcome of the Premier's Ice Action Taskforce.

    Please register online soon as places will fill quickly.

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