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August 2022

17 Aug 2022 to
18 Aug 2022

Law and ethics for mental health nurses

This seminar is designed to refresh nurses’ understanding of the fundamentals of the law and the legislation that impacts on mental health nursing...

17 Aug 2022

Wound debridement - principles of practice

Zoom delivery. This short webinar will cover the principles of good wound practice when it comes to cleaning a wound. There are a number of...

19 Aug 2022

IV cannulation for registered nurses and midwives

This seminar will focus on the process and procedure for inserting peripheral IV in the adult patient.

23 Aug 2022

Managing the cost of caring

After the struggles faced over the last two years of pandemic protocols, this seminar will focus on the four pillars of self-care – personal care,...

23 Aug 2022

Asthma and anaphylaxis - a holistic approach to assessment and management

Zoom delivery. This workshop provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to asthma and anaphylaxis management for all nurses and midwives.

24 Aug 2022
and 31 August

Strengthening leadership and management skills

The course will give you strategies to build your confidence and leadership presence, as you explore the core competencies and attributes of...

26 Aug 2022

Acute pain management

This course will explore the anatomy and physiology of pain, its assessment and management. You will be taken through undertaking a pain assessment...

31 Aug 2022

Swallowing - What's that cough?

Swallowing is an everyday activity, crucial to life. We swallow over 500 times a day: about three times an hour when sleeping, every minute we’re...

September 2022