Benzodiazepines, GHB and cannabis: an online training webinar for nurses working in the AOD sector


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1 JULY 2021, COURSE CODE: 19326

9.30AM – 12.30PM

This three-hour webinar has been developed to provide an in depth focus on the pharmacology and pharmakinetics of benzodiazepine, cannabis and GHB use. Information on the adverse effects of these psychoactive drugs will be presented as well as nursing management and responses.

Participants will be provided with information to develop a better understanding of benzodiazepine, cannabis and GHB addiction, intoxication and withdrawal. Treatment and nursing interventions including pharmacotherapy will be presented.

Training presenter

Rose McCrohan is a lively and engaging presenter. Rose began working in AOD in 1992 at Pleasant View. Rose has continued to work in residential and non-residential withdrawal services at Eastern Health and YSAS before moving to Uniting ReGen in 2005. Rose became Victorians first AOD nurse practitioner in 2009. Rose manages Curran Place, ReGen’s 16 bed (4 Mother Baby Beds) residential Adult and Mother Baby Withdrawal Service. Rose is a co-convenor of Victoria’s AOD and mental health nurse practitioner collaborative.