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ANMF public sector workplace members meetings are scheduled from 3 to 9 May. These meetings will provide information and resources to support taking stage one protected industrial action in Victorian public sector general and aged care workplaces from 7am, Tuesday 7 May 2024.

Members can legally engage in protected industrial action when advice is provided by ANMF via an EBA campaign update which will be emailed to members’ home and work emails. There are serious consequences if you implement unauthorised industrial action.

Download these resources and pin them to your workplace noticeboards, add to your socials or distribute to colleagues.

Statewide members meeting notice (click an image to download a pdf)

Statewide members meeting notice 

Campaign t-shirt

ANMF Organisers and staff continue to distribute t-shirts to members via workplace visits. Members can now also order their t-shirt online ($9.95 for postage and handling) by logging into the member portal at anmfvic.asn.au/tshirt.

There is a limit one per member and please keep in mind Australia Post timeframes. 


Industrial Action stage 1 resources (click an image to download a pdf)

‘Dear patient letter’ English version

Check your contact details

‘Dear patient letter’ translated version

The translated ‘dear patient’ letter includes letters in Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Punjabi, Sinhalese, Urdu and Vietnamese.

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How to implement social media bans

Stage one industrial action includes a ban on sending emails unless they contain the following text:

‘Nurses and midwives have worked throughout the pandemic, while experiencing a casualisation of the workforce, and extraordinary difficulties recruiting and retaining staff.

The Victorian Branch of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation is negotiating a new Enterprise Agreement with management on our behalf. We are asking for reasonable improvements to our working conditions, especially our take home pay, given our last wage increase was in December 2022, and like everyone, we have been experiencing the rising cost of living.’


What happens if we do nothing?

We must fix the casualisation crunch and provide better incentives to rebuild a permanent workforce. Click on the image to download a copy.

Overtime agency apending graph


Your EBA campaign messages

Looking for some campaign inspiration? View a gallery of member messages and signs.

Keep ’em coming, and don’t forget to share your photos and videos online – and with us at anmfvic.asn.au/dropbox.

Campaign posters (click an image to download a pdf)

Check your contact details Voting to take PIA
 It's time you have our back, Victoria


'Retain. Recruit. Rebuild.' Teams background (click the image to open and save it)

For members who use Teams and work in virtual health services.

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Facebook frames (click the image to visit the Facebook frame website)


EBA 101 posters (click an image to download a pdf)

Check your contact details Voting to take PIA What is industrial action?


The EBA 2024-28 Log of Claims and "Did you know...?" log of claims posters (click an image to download a pdf)

Log of claims  Log of claims poster 1