EBA 8 campaign updates

Campaign updates


These EBA updates are emailed to all public sector members. If you are not receiving these emails make sure your contact detail are up to date via the member portal or you may need to resubscribe to our emails. We ask Job Reps to ensure they display these updates on your workplace noticeboard and discuss with members.


EBA 2024 - in-principle agreement key highlights [PDF]

EBA 2024 wages table [PDF]  

27 June campaign update #26 Protected industrial action must now stop [PDF] or view online

Statewide meeting 4 resolution [PDF] 

26 June campaign update #25 Public sector EBA update #25: Victorian nurses and midwives overwhelmingly endorse Allan Government EBA offer [PDF] or view online

24 June campaign update #24 More details on the offer to be considered at the statewide meeting [PDF] or view online

Paid statewide public sector nurses and midwives members meeting - Wednesday 26 June, 2pm - 3.30pm meeting notice [PDF] 

22 June campaign update #23 Paid statewide members meeting to consider a 28.4% wage increase over 4 years [PDF] or view online 

20 June campaign update #22 Positive wage talks are progressing – stay unified [PDF] or view online

7 June campaign update #21 Wages talks are progressing [PDF] or view online

Stage one protected industrial action explainer [PDF] and Nurses and midwives speak out flyer

27 May EBA campaign update #20 Intensive negotiations to resume [PDF] or view online

21 May EBA campaign update #19 Rejected EBA offer details and upcoming workplace meetings [PDF] or view online 

20 May statewide members meeting Powerpoint - the rejected government offer details

20 May EBA campaign update #18 Public sector EBA update #18: members reject Allan Government in-principle agreement [PDF] or view online

17 May EBA campaign update #17 Paid statewide members meeting registrations open [PDF] or view online

17 May MEDIA RELEASE Media release: Stage 2 industrial action suspended as ANMF reaches nurses’ and midwives’ in principle agreement 

17 May EBA campaign update #16 URGENT UPDATE: Agreement in Principle reached - suspend stage 2 industrial action, maintain stage 1 [PDF] or view online   

15 May EBA campaign update #15 Protected industrial action stage 2 to start 7am, Tuesday 17 May [PDF] or view online   

7 May MEDIA release Budget house of cards: industrial action starts to end public hospitals' over-reliance on overtime and agency nurses [PDF] or online

6 May EBA campaign update #14 Protected industrial action to start 7am, Tuesday 7 May [PDF] or view online  

30 April EBA campaign update 13 Protected industrial action ballot declared, action begins 7 May [PDF] or view online 

30 April MEDIA RELEASE Allan Government has 14 days to resolve nurses' and midwives' dispute before bed closures start [PDF] or view online

17 April EBA update 12 -  Public sector protected industrial action ballot – delayed opening until 5pm today [PDF] or view online
VOTE YES poster and FAQS about the protected industrial action ballot list

15 April EBA update 11 - Statewide public sector members meeting registrations open (includes meeting notice) [PDF] or view online 

Statewide public sector nurses and midwives members meeting - Tuesday 30 April, 2pm - 3.30pm, Moonee Valley Racecourse meeting notice [PDF] 
Moonee Valley Racecourse venue information and map
Job Reps please display the statewide members meeting bus timetable and bus notice list 

10 April - EBA campaign update 10 - Ballot timetable set [PDF] or view online 

4 April EBA campaign update 9 - Fair Work Commission grants ANMF protected industrial action ballot applications [PDF] or view online

3 April EBA update 8 - ANMF makes applications for protected industrial action ballot orders [PDF] or view online 

21 March MEDIA RELEASE: Government’s seriously inadequate EBA offer will fail to stop the nursing and midwifery casualisation crunch

21 March EBA campaign update 7 - Members unanimously reject government’s offer and direct ANMF to apply for a protected industrial action ballot [PDF] or view online  First statewide members meeting resolution

PAID statewide public sector nurses and midwives members meeting - Thursday 21 March, 2pm - 3.30pm meeting notice [PDF]

1 March EBA campaign update 6 - paid statewide public sector members meeting [PDF] or view online

22 February EBA campaign update 5 - single interest authorisation and report back statewide members meeting scheduled for 21 March [PDF] or view online

9 January EBA campaign update 4 - negotiation meetings enter 2024 [PDF] or view online 


26 October EBA campaign update 3 - employer EBA claims received by ANMF [PDF] or view online

20 October EBA campaign update 2 - public sector nurses' and midwives' log of claims [PDF] or view online 

17 October - EBA campaign update 1 - public sector EBA discussions to start by 30 October  [PDF] or view online