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The Victorian Department of Health website health services and general practitioners - coronavirus disease (COVID-19) - includes quick reference guide and checklist, guidelines and advice, current COVID-19 case definition, advice for clinicians and health care workers and other fact sheets.

Victorian COVID-19 data dashboard
Victorian additional COVID-19 case data
Victorian Government COVID-19 vaccine data


Chief Health Officer

Weekly media release


COVID restrictions and recommendations

Mask and vaccine requirements and how to protect yourself and what you can do to reduce the risk and stop the spread

Are you a COVID case or a contact?

Information, what to do and check lists (further advice below for healthcare workers who test positive or are a close contact)



Information about the fourth dose and how to get vaccinated

Vaccination information for healthcare workers


Antiviral and early treatment medicines

People at risk of severe illness and hospitalisation are eligible for medicines to help them stay well. Eligibility includes people aged over 70, people aged over 50 with certain health conditions and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged over 30 years. 

Medicines must be taken within five days of becoming sick.They are not a replacement for vaccination.

Information about eligibility and access to antiviral and early treatment medicines

Victorian Respiratory Clinics

Information about free respiratory clinics, including locations


Testing information

Rapid antigen testing (RAT) and PCR testing (some testing sites provide free RATs for the people in your household)
Report your positive RAT result
Covid positive pathways - this program makes sure you get the care you need at home or in hospital


Health services - winter retention and surge payment program

Meal and refreshment program guidance


Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance note on employment-related matters

 The Victorian Department of Health’s ‘Coronavirus Guidance Note on Employment-Related Matters’ provides advice on leave, including special paid leave and vaccination leave and re-deployment. ANMF encourages all employers to follow this guidance, however, recognise that enforcement is limited to public sector employers only.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance note on employment related matters (updated October 2022) 


Return to work: updated guidance for healthcare workers FAQs

The Victorian Department of Health updated guidance explains the return to work of ‘close contacts’. It also answers the many member questions ANMF has raised in our meetings with the Victorian Government, including the payment of special paid leave when in quarantine.
Return to work: updated guidance for healthcare workers frequently asked questions (updated January 2022)


COVID information for health services and health professionals

Comprehensive resources and links


Clinical guidance and resources

The guidance provides information for a range of clinical settings about PPE levels for all clinical and non-clinical scenarios, student clinical placements, workforce mobility, workforce daily attestations, and visitors.

Guide to conventional use of personal protective equipment

Factsheet: Extended P2/N95 respirator and eye protection use -preventing facial injury during COVID-19 (16 August 2021)

Student clinical placements - COVID-19 guidance (7 September 2021)


Movement of healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Important advice for healthcare workers about moving within a health service and between healthcare services.


Emergency accommodation program for frontline workers

The Victorian Government provides the ‘frontline accommodation program’ for health care workers if they need support to quarantine or isolate safely. Private aged care nurses and personal care workers are eligible to access this program. 


Victorian Department of Health workforce register

Register for the Victorian Department of Health outbreak response workforce


Directions by the Chief Health Officer 

Required vaccination orders for aged care and healthcare workers
Further required vaccination information for aged care workers
Further information for healthcare workers


Healthcare worker infection prevention and wellbeing


Victorian Government media releases


WorkSafe Victoria - infectious diseases guidance for the healthcare sector

ANMF requested WorkSafe Victoria develop specific guidance for the healthcare sector and healthcare workers.


Aged care

View the Department of Health Residential Aged Care COVID-19 information and resources.


Mental health services resources


Maternity and newborn resources


Maternal and child health nurses and immunisation nurses


Victorian Department of Health fact sheets and guidance

For more clinical guidance and resources visit the Victorian Department of Health page 

Pharmacies employing/engaging nurse immunisers 

DHHS advises pharmacies may employ or engage nurse immunisers who can act under the Nurse Immuniser Secretary Approval to provide immunisation services in the pharmacy or as part of an outreach or mobile vaccination service of the pharmacy or pharmacy depot. However, the nurse immuniser must be a registered nurse, and not an enrolled nurse, and must have completed an approved immunisation training course. The nurse immuniser also needs to have access to a medical practitioner for advice in accordance with the requirements of the Secretary Approval. Pharmacist immunisers cannot supervise nurses or other persons to immunise patients on their behalf.


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