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COVID-19 newsflashes and FAQs

What you need to know

Social media has much to offer nurses, midwives and carers during the COVID-19 pandemic. ANMF strongly advices members not to post on social media about what their employer is doing or not doing in relation to COVID-19. This applies equally to public pages and closed, private or secret groups. Instead contact the ANMF Member Assistance for information, guidance and representation.

Nurses, midwives and carers still need to follow your employer's social media policy, NMBA's social media guidelines and we strongly recommend ANMF social media policy.


ANMF newsflashes and media releases

  1. 13 November 2020: COVID-19 newsflash -  Funding for single site employment will cease 30 November [PDF] or view online
  2. 13 November 2020: COVID-19 newsflash - New aged care infection control lead role [PDF] or view online
  3. 10 November 2020: COVID-19 newsflash #27 - Infection control guidelines revised [PDF] or view online
  4. 9 November 2020: Private aged care COVID-19 Newsflash - Single site employment update [PDF] or view online
  5. 22 October 2020: COVID-19 newsflash #26 - DHHS updates PPE guidance, skincare advice to prevent and manage mask and eyewear facial injuries 
  6. EVENT - 25 and 27 November 2020 Promoting your health and wellbeing during COVID-19 webinars
  7. 14 October 2020: COVID-19 newsflash - Private aged care COVID-19 Newsflash single site employment extended to 30 Nov [PDF] or view online 
  8. Nursing and Midwifery Health Program Victoria 'I'm only human' campaign - take the self-care quiz and find out how this free, confidential service can support you 
  9. 13 October 2020: COVID-19 newsflash #25 - New patient and resident hygiene guidelines; take the NMHPV self-care quiz; best practice approaches for safe staff amenities for health services; asymptomatic testing for aged care workers [PDF] or view online 
  10. 9 October 2020: COVID-19 newsflash -  Victorian public sector aged care and Commonwealth private sector aged care - single site employment update [PDF] or view online
  11. 28 September 2020: COVID-19 newsflash #24 - New Health Minister and healthcare worker infection prevention update [PDF] or view online 
  12. 25 September 2020: COVID-19 student newsflash #3 -  AHPRA registration and clinical placement WorkCover claims [PDF] or view online
  13. 9 September 2020: COVID-19 newsflash - New healthcare worker data dashboard; healthcare workers must feel free to speak up about reducing risk; ignore misleading WorkCover advice; ANMF supports cautious re-opening plan [PDF] or view online
  14. 8 September 2020: COVID-19 newsflash - Metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire - Single site employment update – extended to 26 October 2020 [PDF] or view online
  15. 7 September 2020: media release - ANMF supports cautious and steady re-opening to protect healthcare workforce [pdf] or view online
  16. 2 September 2020: COVID-19 newsflash - CityLink toll credit for frontline workers; be part of the nursing and midwifery exhibition; fast-tracked WorkCover claims extends to personal care workers; state of emergency extension bill passes Upper House; how to raise an issue with your aged care retention bonus payment [PDF] or view online
  17. 27 August 2020: COVID-19 newsflash - Healthcare worker COVID-19 infection data; measures to prevent further transmission; WorkCover claims expedited; ANMF masks for members; and nurses and midwives urged to provide NMBA feedback on recency of practice changes [PDF] or view online
  18. 27 August 2020: COVID-19 newsflash Final year clinical placements will be prioritised; ANMF seeks clarification on WorkCover claim entitlements for students on clinical placement [PDF] or view online
  19. 26 August 2020 media release Data shows protecting healthcare workers is more complex than PPE supply [PDF]
    DHHS data document Protecting our healthcare heroes
  20. 26 August 2020: COVID-19 newsflash - Private aged care single site employment update PDF or view online
    Case studies: for private aged care employees and providers [PDF] or view online
  21. 25 August 2020: media release ANMF calls on Opposition and crossbenchers to back state of emergency law [PDF] or view online. Also view VUA media release 25 August 2020: Victorian Ambulance Union supports extending state of emergency provision.
  22. 24 August 2020: COVID-19 newsflash ANMF advocates for uncontested WorkCover claims and calls for further healthcare worker protection measures; maternity services water immersion advice updated; MCH nurse plan to respond to midwifery workforce shortages [PDF]
    ANMF seeks presumptive rights - letter to Attorney-General and Minister for Workplace Safety Jill Hennessy 
  23. 23 August 2020: COVID-19 newsflash Important information for nursing and midwifery student members [PDF] or online view
  24. 18 August 2020: COVID-19 newsflash MCH uplift action plan to respond to midwifery workforce shortages [PDF] or view online
  25. 17 August 2020: COVID-19 newsflash  COVID workforce survey; increase to test isolation payment; PPE; Workcover [PDF] 
  26. 12 August 2020: media release - National survey: assessing the impact of COVID-19 on nurses, midwives and carers [PDF] or view online
  27. 10 August 2020: COVID-19 newsflash All health and aged care services must follow new PPE guidelines - seek ANMF support and advice if you have a PPE concern; more support for nurses, midwives and carers [PDF] or view online
  28. 9 August 2020: media release - Further support for nurses, midwives and carers is a phone call away [PDF] or view online
  29. 5 August 2020: A message from the Victorian Premier and Health Minister to nurses, midwives and carers 
  30. 4 August 2020: COVID-19 newsflash  ANMF welcomes new restrictions designed to ease pressure on hospitals and aged care [PDF] or view online
  31. 3 August 2020: COVID-19 newsflash - URGENT UPDATE aged care employment matters [PDF] or view online
  32. 28 July 2020: COVID-19 newsflash - URGENT UPDATE Paid pandemic leave [PDF] view online
  33. 27 July 2020: COVID-19 newsflash - URGENT UPDATE Restrictions on working at more than one aged care site [PDF]
  34. 23 July 2020: COVID-19 newsflash - $300 workers support payment while isolating and waiting for test results; support for nurses, midwives and carers; and surge preparations [PDF] or view online
  35. 22 July 2020: COVID-19 newsflash - Restrictions on working at more than one aged care site frequently asked questions [PDF] or view online
  36. 20 July 2020: COVID-19 newsflash - Further aged care COVID-19 announcements [PDF] or view online
  37. 16 July 2020: COVID-19 newsflash - ANMF seeking special leave for aged care nurses and carers; Federal Government directs all aged care workers to wear masks; ANMF raises roadblock delay issues [PDF] or view online
  38. 15 July 2020: COVID-19 newsflash - Victorian private and not-for-profit aged care sector [PDF] or view online
  39. 14 July 2020: media release ANMF has urgent pandemic aged care to do list for the Federal Government
  40. 9 July 2020: COVID-19 newsflash - PPE advice revised as stage 3 restrictions re-introduced in metro Melbourne and Mitchell Shire [PDF] or view online
  41. 25 June 2020: COVID-19 newsflash - private-for-profit, not-for-profit and public sector aged care members - Ask your employer to confirm your aged care retention bonus application
  42. 19 June 2020: COVID-19 newsflash - Aged care members should ask their employer to confirm retention bonus application; elective surgery guidance; PPE resource for mental health services; extra funding for nurses’ and midwives’ wellbeing; ANMF Education Centre Zoom seminars

    Eligible aged care members should use this aged care retention bonus template letter to ask their employer to confirm they have applied for the payment on their behalf. See COVID-19 newsflash above for details.
  43. 12 June 2020: How to access the aged care retention payment; MCH face-to-face appointments resume; finance and super webinars; ANMF Education Centre Zoom seminars [PDF] or view online 
  44. 29 May 2020: COVID-19 newsflash - DHHS closes surge workforce register; mental health royal commission given extension; wellbeing grants for mental health and AOD nurses; new PPE guidance; ANMF Education Centre June Zoom seminars [PDF] or view online
  45. 22 May 2020: COVID-19 newsflash - COVID-19 memorial roll, bank nurses and midwives, membership fee freeze, and visiting aged care [PDF] or view online
  46. 12 May 2020: COVID-19 newsflash - Watch our COVID-19 Nurses Vigil, restrictions, casual aged care nurses and carers retention payment [PDF] or view online 
  47. 1 May: COVID-19 newsflash - Vigil to honour overseas nurses, all nurses, midwives and carers encouraged to get tested for COVID-19, large PPE deliveries expected and the COVIDsafe app [PDF] or view online
  48. 23 April: COVID-19 newsflash -  Bank staff to receive back pay for lost average weekly hours, its now easier for employers to vary your EBA, surge workforce plannings means Victoria is unlikely to need temporary ratio law change [PDF] or view online
  49. 21 April: COVID-19 newsflash - Important flu vaccination information for members working in aged care [PDF] or online view
  50. 16 April: COVID-19 newsflash - Testing expanded, no single-use PPE should be re-used or saved, nursing student employment model, immunisation service and HITH guidance and more mental health funding [PDF] or online view
  51. 8 April: COVID-19 newsflash - ANMF Easter opening hours, free hotel accommodation, aged care worker retention payments, registration renewal CPD requirements relaxed and new clinical assessment online modules for members [PDF] or online view
  52. 5 April: media release Health worker alternative accommodation initiative welcomed [PDF] or online view and Victorian Government media release
  53. 2 April: COVID-19 newsflash - COVID-19 surge workforce strategies, a social media reminder and a guide to help you stay safe [PDF]
  54. 27 March: COVID-19 newsflash - advice for pregnant members, elective surgery wind back and COVID-19 social media advice [PDF]
  55. 24 March: Message from Lisa Fitzpatrick, ANMF (Vic Branch) Secretary
  56. 23 March: Primary and secondary school nursing programs: guidance procedures for working with COVID-19 [PDF]
  57. 20 March: COVID-19 changes to ANMF (Vic Branch) operations [PDF]
  58. 13 March: COVID-19 employment-related matters [PDF]

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Information about government assistance

This information may be of assistance to members whose family members have been impacted by COVID-19 closures.

  1. ACTU – key points on the JobKeeper Payment [PDF]


Employment law and COVID-19 information 

ANMF lawyers Gordon Legal have published COVID-19 employment advice on their website. Please note ANMF members do not need to pay the fee mentioned at the bottom of their FAQs. ANMF members, have access to legal advice, if required, via their membership fees. If you have a COVID-19 employment issue contact ANMF via Member Assistance in the first instance.


Federal ANMF information

Retention Bonus Information Sheet (Updated 1 September) Specific information on the Retention Bonus: $234.9m will be dispersed as payments to eligible workers in residential care and home care during COVID-19 to help retain them in the workforce.

Aged Care Support Information Sheet (Updated 1 September) Direct support measures announced by Federal Government for aged care providers including key points for aged care workers and a summary of information from the Federal Government. The 25 August update includes details of the Australian Government scaling up aged care support programs in Victoria and across Australia with an additional $171.5 million to boost a new COVID-19 response plan agreed by all states and territories.

federal ANMF has published evidence briefs, guidelines, fact sheets and more


Occupational health and safety

In response to members queries we have developed this guide to assist you in relation to returning home from work after a shift. The key is to always wash your hands and the items you use (like keys, lanyard, etc).

Don't bring it home

You can download Protocols for entering your home and minimising the risk of infection A4 PDF poster for your workplace.


COVID-19 Nurses Vigil

COVID-19 nurses vigil