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COVID-19 newsflashes and FAQs

What you need to know

Social media has much to offer nurses, midwives and carers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

ANMF strongly advices members not to post on social media about what their employer is doing or not doing in relation to COVID-19. This applies equally to public pages and closed, private or secret groups. Instead contact the ANMF Member Assistance for information, guidance and representation.

Nurses, midwives and carers still need to follow your employer's social media policy, NMBA's social media guidelines and we strongly recommend ANMF social media policy.


COVID-19 Nurses Vigil

COVID-19 nurses vigil


Occupational health and safety

In response to members queries we have developed this guide to assist you in relation to returning home from work after a shift. The key is to always wash your hands and the items you use (like keys, lanyard, etc).

Don't bring it home

You can download Protocols for entering your home and minimising the risk of infection A4 PDF poster for your workplace.

ANMF newsflashes

  1.  22 May 2020: COVID-19 newsflash - COVID-19 memorial roll, bank nurses and midwives, membership fee freeze, and visiting aged care [PDF] or view online
  2. 12 May 2020: COVID-19 newsflash - Watch our COVID-19 Nurses Vigil, restrictions, casual aged care nurses and carers retention payment [PDF] or view online 
  3. 1 May: COVID-19 newsflash - Vigil to honour overseas nurses, all nurses, midwives and carers encouraged to get tested for COVID-19, large PPE deliveries expected and the COVIDsafe app [PDF] or view online
  4. 23 April: COVID-19 newsflash -  Bank staff to receive back pay for lost average weekly hours, its now easier for employers to vary your EBA, surge workforce plannings means Victoria is unlikely to need temporary ratio law change [PDF] or view online
  5. 21 April: COVID-19 newsflash - Important flu vaccination information for members working in aged care [PDF] or online view
  6. 16 April: COVID-19 newsflash - Testing expanded, no single-use PPE should be re-used or saved, nursing student employment model, immunisation service and HITH guidance and more mental health funding [PDF] or online view
  7. 8 April: COVID-19 newsflash - ANMF Easter opening hours, free hotel accommodation, aged care worker retention payments, registration renewal CPD requirements relaxed and new clinical assessment online modules for members [PDF] or online view
  8. 5 April: media release Health worker alternative accommodation initiative welcomed [PDF] or online view and Victorian Government media release
  9. 2 April: COVID-19 newsflash - COVID-19 surge workforce strategies, a social media reminder and a guide to help you stay safe [PDF]
  10. 27 March: COVID-19 newsflash - advice for pregnant members, elective surgery wind back and COVID-19 social media advice [PDF]
  11. 24 March: Message from Lisa Fitzpatrick, ANMF (Vic Branch) Secretary
  12. 23 March: Primary and secondary school nursing programs: guidance procedures for working with COVID-19 [PDF]
  13. 20 March: COVID-19 changes to ANMF (Vic Branch) operations [PDF]
  14. 13 March: COVID-19 employment-related matters [PDF]

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Employment law and COVID-19 information 

ANMF lawyers Gordon Legal have published COVID-19 employment advice on their website. Please note ANMF members do not need to pay the fee mentioned at the bottom of their FAQs. ANMF members, have access to legal advice, if required, via their membership fees. If you have a COVID-19 employment issue contact ANMF via Member Assistance in the first instance.  

Gordon Legal – employment law, COVID-19 and your employment rights

Information about government assistance

This information may be of assistance to members whose family members have been impacted by COVID-19 closures.

  1. ACTU – key points on the JobKeeper Payment [PDF]