Change the rules

Change the Rules

The rules are broken. Let's change the rules.

Over the past thirty years successive governments have changed the rules change to benefit employers and big business.

Our workplace laws and the enterprise bargaining process have resulted in an 18-23 per cent wage gap between the private and not-for-profit aged care nurses and hospital nurses. This gap didn't exist in the early 1990s.

The rules also prioritise the profits of aged care providers above the care of our elderly. In the 2015-16 financial year these providers made a $1 billion profit. Despite receiving taxpayer funding, there are no legislated ratios or skill mix in private-for-profit and not-for-profit aged care to protect some of the most vulnerable in our community.

Victoria’s Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS) recently merged with Queensland company RSL Care. Now known as Bolton Clarke, the health service provider employs new district nurses on inferior pay and conditions than existing RDNS employees – for the same work.

The Fair Work Commission and the courts can stop nurses, midwives and carers from taking protected industrial action on health and safety grounds, but the independent umpire cannot arbitrate all of the disputed issues such as staffing levels or skill mix.

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