ANMF recommends Estia members VOTE YES

Common wages across 27 Estia nursing homes by 2021

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Thursday 16 November 2017


ANMF is recommending Estia members vote yes in a ballot to approve a proposed new agreement.

The ballot of all Estia employees will take place between 14 and 20 November.

Under an improved workload management clause all absences (personal leave or other leave) on the roster will be replaced unless there is a significant reason such as a drop in occupancy.

The proposed enterprise agreement will also create common nurses’ and carers’ pay rates across Estia’s 27 nursing homes by 2021.

One of the complexities of the negotiations between ANMF and Estia had been 13 different enterprise agreements with a variety of pay rates as a result of recent new acquisition program.

A further complication was 10 facilities still paying the historical ‘low care’ nurses rates which are significantly below ‘high care’ rates. ‘Low care’ registered nurses were paid $110 less per week and enrolled nurses were paid $50 less per week than nurses doing the same work.

This means that nurses and carers at nine Estia facilities will receive pay increases of between 13 and 25 per cent over the four-year agreement and the remaining facilities (those currently at or near standard industry rates) will receive increases of between 10.3 and 12 per cent depending on classification and year.

Pay will be back paid to the first full pay period after 1 November 2017.

Rates at the end of the agreement in 2021 will be just above Victorian standard rates as follows:

 Victorian Estia nurses and carer pay rates by 2021


Improved allowances

The proposed agreement also rolls the four per cent medication allowance into the hourly rate for all medication endorsed enrolled nurses.

Personal care workers will now be guaranteed 30 per cent of the nauseous allowance on all hours worked and 100 per cent for laundry workers.

Personal care workers will also receive an additional three per cent allowance on each shift where they, in clinically appropriate circumstances, support residents to take medication (provided they have completed the appropriate module.

Primary carers returning from parental leave will receive a return to work benefit equal to 150 hours, or pro rata part time, which can be taken as time off or as a supplement to child care costs.

Leave entitlements

A new definition of shift worker will provide an extra week of annual leave to personal care workers provided they work 52 afternoon or night shifts over at least 26 week.

Enrolled nurses and personal care workers will be entitled to three days of exam/ assessment leave in any year they are undertaking a diploma of nursing, advanced diploma of nursing or undergraduate nursing degree. This entitlement is currently only available to registered nurses for post graduate studies.

New ‘unavoidable leave’ of up to three days can be used for either an unexpected natural disaster or to attend medical, legal or other appointments necessary to deal with family violence. Accrued personal leave can also be used as family violence leave.

A fairer clause for dealing with excessive leave will enable Estia nurses and carers to plan and save leave for extended holidays.

The proposed agreement introduces paid union training leave of up to eight days per Estia facility.


Members can contact the ANMF Information Line or their Organiser on 9275 9333 if they have any questions or concerns.