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#BeFairBupa - put resident care, staffing levels and nurses’ and carers’ wages before profits

ANMF (Vic Branch) began enterprise bargaining negotiations with Bupa Aged Care management in July 2016. The agreement expired on 31 October 2016 and the last pay rise was 1.75 per cent in April 2016.

In December 2016 ANMF members rejected Bupa's 2.1 per cent wage rise offer in a one-year agreement with no other improvements. After an unprecedented protected industrial action campaign, ANMF members secured an 11.25 per cent wage increase over a three-year agreement, back pay from 1 August 2017 and improved workload management, conditions and entitlements. 


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 Bupa campaign timeline


Bupa nurses and carers reject Bupa's offer of a 2.1 per cent wage rise in a one-year agreement, with no other improvements. ANMF barbecue visits all 26 Victorian Bupa nursing homes to discuss ANMF members' Bupa EBA claim and the EBA process.


Bupa nurses and personal care workers vote NO to Bupa's ballot of its proposed agreement of a 2.3 per cent pay rise in a one-year agreement with no other improvements. ANMF places VOTE NO to low wages billboards outside every Victorian Bupa nursing home.


ANMF rejects Bupa's recent offer of two 2.5 per cent wage increases in a two-year agreement with no other changes. ANMF applies to the Fair Work Commission for a protected industrial action ballot.

12 Sept

ANMF VOTE YES to protected industrial action billboards are placed outside every Victorian Bupa nursing home. Ninety two per cent of ANMF members who voted in the Bupa protected industrial action ballot vote YES

3 & 4 Oct

ANMF members at all 26 Victorian Bupa nursing homes start first stage protected industrial action. ANMF starts an online petition to Bupa Chairman Lord Leitch and the Bupa executive which reaches more than 6000 signatures. ANMF runs half page advertisements in major regional and metropolitan newspapers.

9 Oct 2017

ANMF members start the first of 15 stop work meetings and community barbecues held across Victoria.

25 Oct

 400 ANMF members and supporters rally outside Bupa's Melbourne corporate headquarters.

31 Oct

ANMF members start three days of historic full shift strike action.
8 Nov

ANMF member meetings at all 26 Victorian Bupa nursing homes vote to support a proposed enterprise agreement settlement. The proposed settlement includes a 11.25 per cent increase over a three-year agreement with backpay and significant changes to the workload clause, Sunday penalty rate, protection of accrued long service leave entitlement for employees transitioning to retirement, recognition of part-time employees' regular additional hours, ability to use personal leave as family violence leave, improved parental leave clause and improved e-learning clause.

9 Nov

All protected industrial action ceases from 7am. 
Dec 2017

An electronic ballot to approve the proposed Bupa enterprise agreement is held. Of those employees who voted, 94.5 per cent voted yes.
ANMF (Vic Branch) launches an email campaign to pressure Federal Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt to fix weak aged care legislation which allows inadequate staffing in private and not-for-profit aged care nursing homes. Send an email now

Feb 2018 Due to a technical error, the Fair Work Commission requires a second Bupa ballot to approve the proposed enterprise agreement. ANMF recommends members vote YES again in the ballot which opens from 3pm, Friday 9 February and closes at 3pm, Tuesday 13 February. The ballot result will be declared on Wednesday 14 February.

If you believe aged care nurses and personal care workers should be valued, recognised and rewarded for the important work participate in your campaign activities, meetings and decisions and encourage your colleagues to join ANMF


Campaign updates

  • Bupa campaign update 25 (13 October 2017): More stop works next week
  • STOP WORK meetings and community barbecues will take place at three more Bupa facilities: 

    Monday 16 October
    Bupa Greensborough, 264 Diamond Creek Road, Greensborough (2pm-4pm) Bupa Greensborough flier

    Tuesday 17 October
    Bupa Bellarine Lakes, Corner of Bellarine Highway and Resort Boulevard, Moolap (1.30pm-3.30pm) Bupa Bellarine Lakes flier

    Wednesday 18 October
    Bupa Eastwood, 55 Timbarra Drive, Bairnsdale (12.30pm-2.30pm) Bupa Eastwood flier


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