Introductory Program: Job Rep Foundations

Job Rep Introductory Program- Job Rep Foundations

Our introductory program Job Rep Foundations provides new Job Reps with the basic information they need to know about the Branch, the role of unions and the role of the ANMF Job Representative.

Online Module Steps

1) The introductory course now consists of a prerequisite online module: Job Rep Foundations. This module is open and free to all members.

2)  After completing the module and the survey that follows, a link to register for face-to-face training will be provided on screen. This link will open a new window, listing all our introductory program dates and locations (Melbourne and Regional). Select which one is the most suitable location for you. Please note: You must be a current Job Representative to attend this program.

3)  You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your place in the training program you have selected.

Please download and read the Job Rep Foundations Online Module Instructions on accessing the module, which also contains information regarding registration for the face-to-face component

Access the online module now on our CPD Portal 

Further information

Online module Job Rep Foundations + 1 day face-to-face program 

Our introductory training program is provided free to Job Representatives and is designed to give you a basic introduction to unions, the ANMF and the role. 

This program is designed to send new Job Reps back to their workplaces with sufficient knowledge, information and resources to begin being active in the union within their own work area.

The program will include information about:

  • unions and their role
  • the ANMF including a brief history, structure and functions
  • the role of an ANMF Job Rep including Legislative rights & protections
  • resources and assistance including industrial, professional and OHS
  • key contacts in your workplace. 

All new Job reps are encouraged to come along to this program as soon as you are able and after completing the compulsory online module. The ANMF recommend that Job Reps attend an introductory course within 3 months of completing the online module.

It is also a great refresher for Job Reps who last attended ANMF training more than 3 years ago.

Please note: You must be a Job Representative in your current workplace to attend training.

Please register for training at the nearest location to your workplace - we provide both regional and metro locations so that as many Job Reps as possible can come to training. If you aren't sure which location to register for, please contact us.


Introductory Program: Job Rep Foundations - 2019 Dates

Registrations are accessible online after completing the prerequisite online module Job Rep Foundations (see above) in our CPD portal.

Please see below dates/ locations for planning purposes.

METRO  2019

Tuesday - 26 March

Wednesday - 3 April

Monday - 6 May

Monday - 20 May

Thursday - 6 June

Tuesday - 16 July

Wednesday - 31 July

Thursday - 29 August

Tuesday - 17 September

Thursday - 24 October

Monday - 18 November

Tuesday - 3 December


REGIONAL 2019 (Regional Job Reps must register to attend their closest training location)

Tuesday -26 March

Tuesday - 7 May

Tuesday - 28 May

Thursday - 6 June

Tuesday - 16 July

Tuesday - 31 July 

Tuesday - 6  August

Tuesday - 3 September

Tuesday - 8 October

Tuesday - 29 October

Tuesday - 12 November

If you have any issues accessing the online module through our CPD Portal, please email or call the ANMF on (03) 9275 9333

Looking forward to training with you all

The Job Rep Training Team