fatigue seminar

Working Hours, Shifts and Fatigue Conference

ANMF (Vic Branch) HSR events

Every year, the ANMF holds a one-day conference focusing upon working hours, shifts and fatigue.

This conference is aimed at all levels of the nursing and midwifery professions and will provide relevant information and expert commentary about how fatigue adversely affects the profession and what can be done to minimise risk. Experts will present about tactics to lower patient risk involved with fatigue, how to create sustainable, high energy workplaces and how the profession can avoid burn-out.

The Working Hours, Shifts and Fatigue Conferences are reviewed annually in On The Record.

Future Working Hours, Shifts and Fatigue Conferences will be posted in the events and conferences calendar.

Attending the conference will attract up to 6 hours of CPD required by the NMBA for registration renewal.