ANMF recommends Bupa members vote yes

Bupa EBA 2017 campaign

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Bupa members voted in early November to accept a proposed enterprise bargaining agreement settlement.

This enterprise agreement has now been finalised and is now available for all employees. 

To start receiving the significant benefits, including wage rises and back pay, Bupa members need to formalise the agreement by voting YES to the question ‘Do you approve the Bupa Aged Care Australia Victorian Enterprise Agreement 2017 – 2020?’ in the electronic ballot.

Please make sure your vote counts and participate in this important process. Approval requires a YES vote by more than 50 per cent of those employees who vote.

Ballot timeline

  • Employer makes agreement available to employees: from 2pm, Tuesday 5 December Read the agreement
  • Ballot opens: 3pm, Wednesday 13 December - your employer will provide you with the voting link
  • Ballot closes: 3pm, Monday 18 December
  • Ballot declared: Tuesday 19 December. If a YES vote is declared, the employer then files the agreement with the Fair Work Commission for final approval. Once the agreement has FWC approval it becomes legally enforceable seven days later.

Read campaign update 31 for more information, including a campaign timeline and a clarification of recent inaccurate statements made by other unions.