ANMF recommends members VOTE NO in agreement ballot

Update 3 - Saturday 7 October 2017

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ANMF strongly recommends members VOTE NO in the electronic agreement ballot which opened this morning (Saturday 6 October) and closes on Tuesday 10 October.

ANMF also asks members to encourage your colleagues to VOTE NO.

Dorevitch Pathology/ Gippsland Pathology walked away from conciliation talks with the ANMF (Vic Branch) and the Health Workers Union, in the Fair Work Commission on Monday 25 September.

Dorevitch instead decided to put a new proposed agreement to a staff vote. Dorevitch’s decision to put an agreement to a vote during conciliation talks is unprecedented and the ANMF continues to seek legal advice on its options.

ANMF believes by putting out this agreement Dorevitch cannot avoid the legal requirement to have unresolved matters determined by arbitration by the Fair Work Commission - the independent umpire – and that the Commission must still arbitrate on any unresolved bargaining issues between the parties.

By putting out the agreement to vote, Dorevitch is wasting time that could be spent negotiating and narrowing the gap between the parties on important issues.

If you have any concerns or questions contact ANMF Information Line on 9275 9333 or

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