Marriage equality is about health equality

Why nurses, midwives and carers should vote YES in the marriage equality survey

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Equality is union business. And reducing health risks is the business of nurses, midwives and personal care workers.

A YES vote in the marriage equality survey will be one step closer to marriage equality.  

That’s why ANMF encourages members to send their YES vote back by 7 November.

Marriage equality is about giving equal access to the institution of marriage - and the legal rights and obligations it provides - to a group of people who could be our children, our loved ones, our friends, our colleagues, and our patients/residents.

Compelling research demonstrates being treated differently by society and the law because of gender, sexuality, or gender identity is connected to social isolation, poor self-esteem and risks to mental health and wellbeing.

Nurses, midwives and personal care workers see the health consequences of this discrimination on a daily basis in our health services and aged care facilities.

It’s time to stop the negative health impacts caused by inequality, discrimination and separate and lesser legal rights because of someone’s gender, sexual orientation or sexual identity.

A society that says ‘it’s okay to be different, but we won’t treat you differently’ will reduce the discrimination LGBTI people experience and improve their health and wellbeing outcomes.

Get involved in the campaign

Would you like to participate in the campaign to make the YES vote a reality? There are many activities you can undertake, from door knocking to distributing posters to phone banking. Let’s show our LGBTIQ+ loved one, colleagues and patients that you stand in solidarity with them by completing the volunteer form

Members who are distressed by the debate can contact the Nurses and Midwives Health Program Victoria (NMHPV) on (03) 9415 7551 during office hours for free and confidential support. Alternatively, please contact Switchboard Victoria on 1800 184 527.