Vote no in Bupa ballot

Electronic voting starts on Friday 26 May

ANMF is recommending members VOTE NO when Bupa Aged Care puts its low wage offer to a ballot of all nursing and personal care worker employees when the ballot opens on Friday 26 May.

Bupa’s proposed agreement includes a 2.3 per cent wage rise over a one-year agreement with no other improvements to staffing levels, which would improve resident care, or to your working conditions.

The wage rise would apply from June 2017. The proposed agreement would expire on 28 April 2018. ANMF would then try and negotiate a new agreement with Bupa Aged Care. But if you accept this one-year agreement that job will be much tougher.

This is not an agreement that values, recognises, or rewards the important work of Bupa’s nurses or personal care workers.

Bupa is Victoria’s largest aged care provider, but it is also one of the state’s ten lowest paying. Compared to similar aged care groups, Bupa’s registered nurses earn a base rate of about $91 less per week (or $4732 less per year), Bupa’s enrolled nurses earn a base rate of about $21 less per week (or $1092 less per year) and Bupa’s personal care workers earn a base rate of about $49 less per week (or $2548 less per year). By the end of this unfair agreement you will fall even further behind.

The ANMF has already started securing wage rises of around 10 per cent with similar aged care providers – providers who already have much higher wage rates than Bupa.

Bupa management has told us it doesn’t need to pay higher rates because all staff are happy with their current wages and conditions. You need to tell them that you don’t like being taken for granted. You need to vote NO.

Electronic voting will start on Friday 26 May 2017.

Read more in Bupa Campaign Update 5 which has been emailed to members

Visit the Value Recognise Reward aged care campaign page