Save South Stone Lodge

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (Vic Branch) opposes the impending closure of South Stone Lodge psycho-geriatric facility in Werribee. 
SAVE SOUTH STONE LODGE - sign the petition! 

Say NO to the sell-off of Werribee's only public aged care facility.
ANMF members, patients, relatives and Werribee residents are encouraged to sign a petition to oppose the closure of South Stone Lodge.
Another 30 specialist public aged care beds will be lost to Victorians by December, when Melbourne Health closes the doors to South Stone Lodge, its second psycho-geriatric facility to close in six months.
Over 745 public aged care beds have been closed or targeted for sell off under the Napthine Government.

ANMF (Vic Branch) Secretary Lisa Fitzpatrick said:  ‘The closure of South Stone Lodge in Werribee means that a total of 745 public aged care beds have now been closed or sold off under the Napthine Government,' Ms Fitzpatrick said.
‘The loss of another 30 beds, including a number of high-care residential beds for psycho-geriatric patients,  means the Werribee community simply cannot  access optimal standards of aged care.
‘Psycho-geriatric patients cannot be properly cared for by the private sector as they have high level and special behavioural needs. These patients require adequate staffing levels and skill mix to guarantee their care and these are not available in the private sector, such requirements are only regulated under ratios in the public sector.
‘The closure of South Stone Lodge will force patients out of the public system and to the doors of expensive private providers, which many cannot afford, or worse, patients will add pressure to already stretched emergency departments and at-capacity  hospital wards.
‘Relatives also reinforce to us that public health services are best placed to meet the demands of their loved ones and the choice and anguish of placing family members into care is so much easier when they know the appropriate care will be provided to meet their needs.
In June,  Melbourne Health also closed the doors of Weighbridge aged care facility, another service providing specialist geriatric services to the community.