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Ian Kenny

November 2017

From intensive care to life as a midwife

As a male midwife, when Ian Kenny walks into a birthing suite he sometimes gets a look from a pregnant woman that translates as: ‘Oh my god, it’s a man’.

Meet Ian Kenny
ANMF (Vic Branch) member Mlisho Karega

September 2017

Meet Mlisho Karega, who fled war in the Democratic Republic of Congo and became a registered nurse after settling in Melbourne

It’s not even eight years since Mr Karega arrived and not only has he learned English but he has studied in English – his third language – to earn two nursing qualifications and a job as a registered nurse in the coronary care unit of Sunshine Hospital.

Meet Mlisho Karega
ANMF (Vic Branch) member Anna O'Connell

August 2017

Meet Anna O'Connell, who has set out to research the values and attitudes of early career nurses and midwives

Ms O’Connell, a graduate midwife program manager at Monash Health, has been a nurse and midwife since 1983 and has been working with early career nurses and midwives for 12 years.

Meet Anna O'Connell
Meet ANMF (Vic Branch) member Ros Morgan

July 2017

Meet Ros Morgan, who became a sustainability activist in 2009 with a humble goal – introducing recycling bins at Dandenong Hospital.

‘Recycling gives you small wins and through those you can expand. Another thing that it gives you is self-agency. You have those wins and you start to think you can make a difference’

Meet Ros Morgan
Catherine McMurtie

June 2017

Meet oncology nurse Catherine McMutrie who fought for fair pay for her colleagues, and won

After discovering she and fellow nurses weren't being paid correctly for stepping up on weekends, Catherine McMutrie took matters into her own hands.

Meet Catherine McMutrie

May 2017

Meet Amelia Tauoqooqo, refugee health nurse and advocate

Having worked as a nurse with asylum seekers in immigration detention, Amelia Tauoqooqo has seen how healthcare can become highly politicised.

Meet Amelia Tauoqooqo
Member profile of Zule Khan

February 2017

Triage! for nurses - meet Zule Khan

Registered nurse and performer Zule Khan's one-woman show Triage! brings the world of nursing to the stage

Meet Zule Khan
Member profile of Jenny Selway

October 2016

Meet Jenny Selway, a registered nurse and ANMF member

Through her local Rotary Club, ANMF member, registered nurse Jenny Selway is helping to make a difference to malnourished children in Timor-Leste in ways both big and small.

Read more about Jenny Selway
ANMF Vic Branch member Bernadette Towner

September 2016

Meet clinical supervisor Bernadette Towner

Ms Towner strongly believes that clinical supervision could be more widely utilised in nursing and midwifery.

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Steven Amsterdam

November 2016

Steven Amsterdam is a palliative care nurse. He is also a writer with two novels and a collection of short stories 'Things We Didn’t See Coming'

In his latest novel The Easy Way Out, the protagonist, Evan, is a nurse who assists people to die. It’s a topical theme, as a Victorian Parliamentary committee inquiry into end-of-life choices has recommended the Victorian Government legalise assisted dying for those suffering from ‘ a serious and incurable condition who are at the end of life’.

Meet Steven Amsterdam