Legal services

Financial members of ANMF (Vic Branch) receive member-only legal services through our lawyers,  Ryan Carlisle Thomas.

Ryan Carlisle Thomas provide a range of legal services for our members.**

The service covers professional matters such as personal injury and disciplinary hearings, and personal legal matters like conveyancing, wills, family law and criminal law.

For work-related legal assistance, members should contact the Branch, for a referral to Ryan Carlisle Thomas.

For immediate legal advice on a personal matter, members should call 1300 366 441 to access an initial free consultation from Ryan Carlisle Thomas.

For more information about legal services call the Branch on 03 9275 9333.

Please note: Nurses, midwives and carers do not have access to ANMF or its legal services for any incident that occurred before they were financial ANMF members. This allows the ANMF to concentrate all its resources on financial ANMF members.

** Legal services are subject to conditions which are available on request from the Branch Office.