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Your wellbeing and work – a special day for Victoria’s nurse and midwifery unit managers

7 October 2019

Your wellbeing and work – a special day for Victoria’s NUMs and MUMs

Monday 7 October 2019
ANMF (Vic Branch), 535 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

7 hours of CPD

Are you feeling exhausted and in need of a break? Despite best efforts, do you feel like you sometimes struggle to juggle all your responsibilities as a manager? Is it difficult for you to ‘turn off’ after work?

This special day-long seminar is focusing on nursing and midwifery managers, to support and acknowledge the critical role you have in the workplace. Self-care and wellbeing are not just fad words – they are critical to looking after yourself and functioning effectively in your often-difficult roles. Part of the ‘Your wellbeing and work’ seminar will focus on giving you tools to support your wellbeing and health.

The second half of the seminar will look at strategies and tools to better equip you in your role as a manager. We’ll look at how to deal with interpersonal conflict in your team; bullying and harassment; complaints and mediation processes; and how to address culture change in workplaces – critical skills for leaders in nursing and midwifery. The seminar will give you an overview of some legal concepts and health and safety concerns surrounding these complex issues. Through presentations and workshops, you’ll learn how you can contribute to a psychologically safe workplace for you and your team.

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