Metro Keeping it Organised 2-Day Program

Kelly Arnett-Somerville & Margie Thomas | Feb 2020

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2020 Keeping it Organised (KIO) Job Rep Training Program

Organisers: Kelly Arnett-Somerville & Margie Thomas

What is the aim of the program?
 The aim of this 2-day program is to provide Job Reps dedicated time with their ANMF Organiser and other Job Reps from their workplace, to focus on developing skills and strategies in progressing and resolving collective issues, as well as formulating a plan for building the profile, presence, and activity of the ANMF in their respective workplace.

What does the program cover?
The program provides opportunity to explore current collective issues, with an emphasis on:
The role of Job Reps and Members in addressing concerns
Reviewing membership lists
How to plan and prepare for recruitment conversations
 Developing an in-depth workplace organising plan to identify, allocate, and document ANMF activities at each workplace. This plan forms the basis of the ongoing work of Job Reps.

Registering for the Keeping it Organised program
IMPORTANT: Each KIO program is tailored specific to each Organiser’s area/regions; therefore, Job Reps can only attend the yearly session being hosted by their individual Organiser/in their geographical area. If you’re unsure which program you should be attending, please email us on

Who should attend?
All Job Reps are encouraged to attend this program, we suggest at least once every 2 years. 

Length of program
 2-Day face-to-face training program

Costs: Travel, accommodation and catering
 All Job Rep training is provided to you at no cost, in a friendly welcoming environment, and daily catering is provided complimentary to all training participants. Where eligible, and upon provision of the relevant receipts, ANMF will reimburse costs as follows:

  • Melbourne training programs:
    If your workplace is more than 70 kilometres from the Melbourne GPO, ANMF will reimburse the cost of a standard rail fare (metro or V-Line) or a petrol subsidy including road tolls and parking fees.
  • Regional training programs:
     If your workplace is more than 20 kilometres from the regional venue, ANMF will reimburse the cost of standard public transport fares or a petrol subsidy.
  • Accommodation:
    If your workplace is more than 70 kilometres from the program venue, upon your request the ANMF will organise and pay for accommodation the night before the training commences.


Paid Union Training Leave
 Depending on the entitlements in the applicable enterprise agreement, Job Reps may be eligible to receive paid union training leave from their employer to attend these programs. If there is no entitlement and the employer will not provide paid training leave, Job Reps may be eligible to apply for an ANMF ‘loss of pay’ subsidy when taking leave without pay to attend.

Once registered, Job Reps will be provided with written confirmation, and a letter to be forwarded to their relevant NUM/MUM/Line Manager requesting leave to attend union training.

If you have any questions regarding Job Rep training, please contact the ANMF on (03) 92759333 or email