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October 2017

November 2017

1 Nov 2017

Adult advanced life support recertification

ACCCN recommends annual recertification in ALS and offers this one-day theoretical and practical program for healthcare professionals

2 Nov 2017 to
9 Nov 2017

Medication administration – principles and practice revisited

This two-day workshop is designed to update the registered nurses’ skills in medication administration.

3 Nov 2017

ACFI for registered and enrolled nurses

This seminar explores all ACFI business rules, a comprehensive breakdown of the 12 ACFI questions and a practical review of compiling and...

13 Nov 2017

ICE methamphetamine addiction seminar

This seminar is funded by the Victorian Government and an outcome of the Premier’s Ice Action Taskforce.

15 Nov 2017 to
22 Nov 2017

Adult advanced life support certification

This two-day program is for healthcare professionals who are required to provide Adult Basic and Advanced Life Support in a clinical setting

16 Nov 2017

Venepuncture - Conducting a 12 lead ECG and contemporary pathology collection

This new workshop delivers a comprehensive one-day program relating to venepuncture techniques and conducting a 12-lead electrocardiogram

20 Nov 2017 to
21 Nov 2017

Two-day paediatric advanced life support program

This practical and theoretical program provides healthcare professionals training in paediatric basic and advanced life support in a clinical setting

23 Nov 2017

Strengthening EN medication practice

This seminar builds on skills and knowledge attained through the completion of nationally accredited units associated with NMBA approved enrolled...