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September 2017

October 2017

5 Oct 2017

Relationship management in the healthcare sector

This seminar aims to assist you to develop collaborative relationships by discussing and understanding relationship and conflict management in...

6 Oct 2017

Respiratory management - advanced care

This one-day program is suitable for registered nurses who are working within an acute care setting, managing patients who require advanced...

9 Oct 2017

Nursing the balance

A nourishing self-care workshop for nurses, midwives and carers focusing on reflection, relaxation and continued rejuvenation through the use of...

11 Oct 2017

The bottom line - how chronic constipation and faecal incontinence interact

This workshop will cover the pathophysiology of the bowel and case studies will explore current management strategies used to resolve faecal...

16 Oct 2017

The principles of documentation in the current nursing environment

This seminar is designed to assist nurses to revisit the principles of documenting care in an objective and concise manner

17 Oct 2017

Recognising and responding to clinical deterioration

This workshop (previously called 'Managing the deterioriating patient') explores the important aspects of early recognition and management of...

20 Oct 2017

The importance of documenting nursing care within the aged care environment

This seminar highlights the importance of an understanding of the significance of accurate documentation in aged care

20 Oct 2017

Assessment skills in the acute setting

A one-day seminar aimed at registered and enrolled nurses who would like to refresh or update their knowledge and skills in patient assessment

24 Oct 2017

Nursing for the environment: taking the next steps towards lasting change in health

This program (second seminar in the program) allows participants to work through barriers and issues they may have encountered setting up...