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Aged Care Private Sector EBA July update

13 July 2009, 11:36am

Yvonne Chaperon, Assistant Secretary



Following several Australian Nursing Federation (Victorian Branch) members meetings at Melbourne aged care facilities operated by Fronditha Care, a proposed non-union agreement offering only a three per cent per annum wage increase was abandoned and an improved agreement was reached with the ANF. The agreement provides benefits including:

  • improved access to pay points 6, 7 and 8 for Division 2 nurses;
  • medication qualification allowance for all hours worked; and
  • an average 3.5 per cent per annum wage increase.


ANF (Vic Branch) has met with representatives of AdventCare to negotiate an agreement for their facilities in Melbourne and Bendigo. ANF is hopeful of presenting a proposed new agreement to members during July.


Negotiations are now finalised with ARCare management for a new agreement to cover their facilities in Brighton, Sydenham, Epping, Maidstone, Wantirna, Reservoir, Carnegie, Malvern East, Cheltenham and Burnside.

An agreement is expected to go to members for approval during July 2009.

The EBA includes wage increases ranging from 3 - 4.5 per cent per annum over four years.

BUPA (Amity)

ANF (Vic Branch) members meetings across Victorian sites have passed a resolution supporting an application for a protected action ballot. This resolution was sent to the employer requesting a response and agreement to convene meetings with ANF.

Catholic Homes

Following members meetings and resolutions in these facilities, ANF provided a draft agreement to management at a meeting in mid May. A vote on a proposed non-union agreement will not proceed as Catholic Homes considers the proposal from ANF. It is hoped agreement can be reached based on the ANF proposal which includes four increases of four per cent, qualification allowance for Division 2s, payment of police checks, increased on call allowance, an after hours coordinator at Grade 5, new Division 2 in charge allowance, new Division 1 and 2 entry levels, blood donors and emergency services leave.

Serene Brook

The parties met on 21 May and conferred at length in relation to ANF's industry log of claims following the employer's failure to negotiate a replacement enterprise bargaining agreement in 2005. ANF advised Serene Brook management that members are prepared to endorse a Protected Action Ballot.  Further to these discussions Serene Brook has agreed to consider the following claims:

  • A review of current wages at both Lorikeet Lodge and Eden Park, and consideration of a catch up payment for minimum wage rates.
  • Retention of all existing agreement and award conditions.
  • Division 2 progression from pay points 1-8 on each anniversary, based on experience and training.
  • New Division 2 Advanced level.
  • New Div 1 and Div 2 entry points as per public sector.
  • Division 2 in charge of facility allowance.
  • New Division 2 qualifications allowance encompassing medication endorsement allowance paid on all hours.
  • Extra year of experience payment for PCWs.
  • Advanced PCW2 level (for PCW with Cert III) at WSG 8 level.
  • Increased on call rates.
  • Improved education and training leave.
  • Improved Div 1 NUM structure and Grade 5 (adjusted bed capacity) to be paid in out of hours of the DON.

Cabrini Ashwood Aged Care

Further to several meetings with Cabrini, ANF (Vic Branch) has been provided with an offer of settlement which includes the following:

  • Wage increases of three per cent to the base rate per year, commencing at a date to be agreed.
  • Application of permanent night duty allowance in accordance with Acute Care Agreement.
  • Consideration of treating 25 and 26 December as public holidays but with the removal of substitute days for staff who work those dates (i.e. no double dipping).
  • Medication Endorsed Div 2 to enter the workforce at Pay Point 2.
  • Consideration of an in charge allowance for Div 2s in charge of the facility.
  • Education provisions in line with Cabrini policy and current agreement.
  • Paid parental leave - maternity leave 10 weeks, paternity leave 2 weeks from an agreed effective date.

ANF's request to increase the wages offer by a further 1.5 per cent has been rejected. Members will now be asked to commence an industrial campaign.

Old Colonists

ANF (Vic Branch) has met with Old Colonists representatives to discuss the log of claims. The Old Colonists Association has advised that it is only prepared to consider the following conditions:

  • A 3.5 per cent wage increase per annum over the life of the Agreement.
  • Retention of all existing agreement and award conditions.
  • Division 2 progression from pay points 1-8 on each anniversary, based on experience and training.
  • New Div 1 and Div 2 entry points as per public sector.
  • Division 2 in charge of facility allowance of $70.00 per shift.
  • Increased on call rates.
  • Grade 5 (adjusted bed capacity) to be paid in out of hours of the DON.


Oasis Aged Care and Baxter Village

These employers have commenced a ballot process for a non-union agreement that provides a wage increase of only three per cent per annum. ANF has written to members recommending they reject the offer and appoint ANF as their Bargaining Agent. ANF has written to Clare Dewan and Associates requesting an urgent meeting to consider negotiating a union agreement that incorporates emerging industrial standards.


Members met in May and resolved that the increase of four per cent which had already been paid to staff would be the minimum acceptable in any new Agreement. ANF negotiations with management continue.

Werribee Terrace

This facility is proposing a non-union agreement to staff based on a three per cent increase only. ANF members have demanded that management withdraw the proposed employee collective agreement and enter into negotiations with the ANF. In the event that a response is not received ANF will apply to Fair Work Australia for a protected action ballot. ANF will also campaign for a NO vote if the ballot by the employer proceeds.

Jewish Care

ANF wrote to the CEO of Jewish Care in May requesting a final offer for a new Agreement prior to meetings with members. Meetings of members in these facilities in late May passed a resolution directing ANF to pursue an application to Fair Work Australia for a protected action ballot if there was no written proposal or confirmation of the commencement of negotiations. This was conveyed to Jewish Care and a response is being sought.  

Churches of Christ

Australian Nursing Federation (Victorian Branch) members at Churches of Christ aged care facilities in Melbourne have secured a new collective agreement to apply until July 2012.

Churches of Christ run four facilities, Arcadia in Essendon, Oak Towers in Oakleigh, Fred Combridge in Northcote and Betheden in Murrumbeena. Two of these facilities are high care, and two are ageing in place.

Management of Churches of Christ originally wrote to each staff member advising that they would only offer a three per cent per annum wage increase. Following two rounds of ANF (Vic Branch) meetings in each of the facilities, ANF met again with management and negotiated an improved offer for nursing and personal care staff, including:

  • An average 3.5% wage increase per annum for all nurses and personal care staff.
  • Two weeks paid maternity/adoption leave and one week's partner's leave (in addition to any government scheme).
  • 24 hour Division 1 nurse coverage in both high care and ageing in place facilities.
  • A full-time Director of Nursing/Facility Manager in both high care and ageing in place facilities.
  • Division 2 nurse Team Leader allowance where responsible to the Division 1 nurse for a team of care staff.
  • A $70.00 per shift allowance for a Division 2 nurse who acts in charge when a Division 1 nurse is not available for the shift.
  • Police checks at the employer's expense.
  • Increased access to all Division 2 nurse pay points (1 to 8).
  • Purchased Leave scheme.
  • Emergency Services and Blood Donors Leave.
  • The acceptance of the need for a DON and 24 hour Division 1 nurse coverage in their ‘ageing in place' facilities is a strong recognition by Churches of Christ that the distinction between nursing homes and ageing in place facilities requires addressing to ensure that residents receive the best care.  

Members in other aged care facilities should be aware of some employers offering sub-standard collective agreements without negotiation with ANF, and the above shows some of the differences that can be achieved through ANF representation.

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