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ANMF (Vic Branch) endorses public hospital bed count - 10 August 2014
Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation (Victorian Branch) Secretary Lisa Fitzpatrick has applauded the announcement of an independent census of the state's hospitals beds. [ READ MORE ] Revision of the Nurses in General Practice Competency Standards National Survey - Round 2 - 31 July 2014
Are you a nurse working in, or involved with, the general practice setting? We want to hear from you about the work that has been undertaken to revise the practice standards for Nurses in General Practice. [ READ MORE ] Confused about ANMF (Vic Branch) CPD Portal and the federal portal? - 21 July 2014
Our new CPD Portal - - is separate from the federal ANMF learning portal, which is located on the ANMF website - [ READ MORE ]
Latest Events
R04/14 Introduction to Industrial Relations and the Role of the Job Representative - Latrobe: August - 12 August 2014 - 14 August 2014
All Job Reps who have not attended training are strongly encouraged to attend this introductory program as soon as they become Reps, and it is also useful as a refresher for Reps who did the program more than three years ago. It will help you gain confidence in your role, know when to ask for help and what resources are available to you from the ANMF to assist you in the role.  [ READ MORE ] Regional One-day HSR Refresher Course 2: Bendigo - August - 13 August 2014
This course has been cancelled. [ READ MORE ] When do you change your practice based on what you read? - 15 August 2014
Midwives are expected to implement evidence-based practice. This session will cover where to get up to date evidence-based information, how to evaluate the evidence and what to consider in applying this evidence to your own practice.  [ READ MORE ] Foundations of pharmacology and medication administration for registered nurses - 15 August 2014
This four day course revises the underpinning knowledge of pharmacology and medication administration for RNs. Topics includes pharmokinetics and pharmodynamics and adverse drug reactions. Common medications will be revised using a systems approach. [ READ MORE ] Delirium and depression in the older person - 20 August 2014
When delirium and/or depression are suspected in an older person, the symptoms are often compounded by dementia, so we might call this workshop ?the three dreaded Ds: differentiation and diagnoses'. Professional practice requires skilled observation, assessment and clinical decision-making. This workshop will empower nurses to identify symptoms that can be effectively treated.  [ READ MORE ]
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NEW: ANMF (Vic Branch) online CPD portal
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